• Arthur Seaman


    A native of New York City, he currently resides in Ocean City, Maryland. He is an avid surfer and waterman as well as a sponsored longboarder. A former ocean lifeguard, Artie curre... Read more

  • Jeremy Searle

    The Inertia Juicewhale

    Confused about origin. Believes he's a whale born somewhere off the coast of Encinitas, CA.... Read more

  • John Seaton Callahan


    John Seaton Callahan photographs with passion around the world, with a particular preference for tropical places, beautiful women, and locations with good surfing conditions. Calla... Read more

  • Francesca Seely


    While she's not studying at UCSD, you can Frankie wallowing in everything art-related or sliding at one of the best point breaks in the world: First Point, Malibu.... Read more

  • Yoann Segalen


    Yoann Ségalen is a 30-year-old photographer who has been shooting surfing for the last five years. He’s traveled by himself as well as for European surfing magazines and compani... Read more

  • Tiago Segurado


    Tiago Segurado, born in 1990 in the South of Portugal and raised by the sea, always tried to have a simple and joyful life. Surfer since 12 years old. Licensed in Image and sound, ... Read more

  • Pedro Seixas

    Pedro is a surfer and physiotherapist at Surfisio - www-surfisio.pt... Read more

  • Stefanie Sekich-Quinn

    Coastal Preservation Manager, Surfrider Foundation

    In her own words, Stefanie might tell you that she’s a “politics, law and policy” dork, but that isn’t the case at all. She is a leading expert in these fields on both the ... Read more

  • Henrik Selin

    Associate Professor in the Frederick S Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University

    Henrik Selin conducts research and teaches classes on global and regional politics and policy making on environment and sustainable development. His most recent book is European Un... Read more

  • Andrew Semark


    Andrew Semark resides in a small country town in the southwest of Western Australia. Being blessed with some of the world's most beautiful coastline and waves, he has shaped his im... Read more