• Jim Russi

    Jim Russi, Love’s God, his Ohana and his Island home. He graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a B.A. in Fashion & Advertising In 1979 and came strait to t... Read more

  • Daniel Russo


    The ocean is Daniel Russo’s first love. Raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Daniel first got his feet wet at a very early age. Growing up, his father taught him essential waterman... Read more

  • Tara Ruttenberg

    Writer / Grad Student

    Tara Ruttenberg is a freelance writer, teaching assistant for the University of Georgia's Surfing and Sustainability: Political Ecology in Costa Rica study abroad program, and PhD ... Read more

  • Sean Ruttkay


    Sean D. Ruttkay is an artist based in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Through his art decor brand, EDA Surf, Ruttkay uplifts consciousness in the built-environment by 'watering the wall.' ... Read more

  • Ted Ryan

    Ted Ryan is a 31-year-old freelance photographer and writer. Raised in Maine and Vermont, his work is influenced by nature: the creatures it contains, the bounty it shares and the ... Read more

  • Tim Ryan

    Video Producer / Editor

    Tim Ryan is an award winning video producer, writer and editor working with consumer products and lifestyle brands. He is Founder & Director at TAR Productions.... Read more

  • Patrick Rynne

    Founder, Waterlust

    Jack of all trades and self-declared master of none, Patrick Rynne is a marine physicist, ocean engineer, surfer, sailor, candle stick maker and the founder and creative director o... Read more

  • Cyrus Saatsaz

    Author, Dogwild & Board

    Cyrus Saatsaz is the author of the book Dogwild & Board: Stories, Interviews, and Musings from a Surf Journalist. He's also a journalism professor at LCCC and host of The Dog &... Read more

  • Mandy Sackett

    California Policy Coordinator, the Surfrider Foundation

    Mandy Sackett is the Surfrider Foundations California Policy Coordinator, and joined the California policy team in 2016 after serving as the Surfrider San Diego Chapter Manager. In... Read more

  • Nick Sadrpour

    Surfer/Ocean & Coastal Scientist

    Nick Sadrpour grew up in Los Angeles and during college he began working in a microbiology lab in Orange County monitoring ocean water quality. He moved to Monterey and earned a Ma... Read more