• Ryan Simalchik


    Ryan Simalchik grew up along the Jersey coastline mostly in the town of Ocean City. He has been surfing ever since he was 9 years old. A few years ago, his buddy let him borrow his... Read more

  • Brendan Simmons

    Brendan Simmons is a world traveling surfer who is always equipped with a camera ready to document his adventures in and out of the water. When not surfing, Brendan is working in s... Read more

  • Todd Simmons

    Todd lives and surfs in Venice, California. Todd is a community manager for the Boardhunt community marketplace on Panjo, working with surfing enthusiasts worldwide to help them na... Read more

  • Terry Simms

    Owner, Terry Simms Surf/Founder & President, KADU

    Terry "Simba" Simms is the owner of the Terry Simms Surf adventure travel guide company, an elite surf coach, a former professional surfer, and the Founder/President of KADU — a... Read more

  • Erwan Simon

    Surfer - Explorer -Adventurer

    Erwan Simon is an explorer, a freesurfer and a researcher, currently working in the surfing industry. From Libya to Bangladesh, from Comoros to Sierra Leone, Erwan discovered new w... Read more

  • Andrew Simoni


    Andrew was born and raised in the South Bay Area of California. From bodyboarding as a child to lifeguarding at posh country club pools as a young adult, water has always kept him ... Read more

  • Brett Simpson

    Professional Surfer

    Brett Simpson is a Huntington Beach native, ASP Top 34 surfer, and two-time US Open of Surfing Champion.... Read more

  • Timothy Simpson


    Tim is a 24 year old Orange County based surfer, and runs a surf blog and shop at Sticksling.com... Read more

  • Alex Sinkovich

    Alex Sinkovich: A surfer from New Jersey, a Your Surf Ambassador, teacher and Everyday surfer with a passion for travel and adventure.... Read more

  • Michael Sinnott

    My background is in Mechanical Engineering and Biomechanics and by no means do I consider myself a writer or a photographer. I've spent the last 9 plus years as a Forensic Biomecha... Read more