• Jason Reposar


    Jason Reposar is a Bali based photographer. If he’s not shooting surf, he’s shooting rock stars and actors, and truly believes that there is something interesting in everything... Read more

  • Gabe Reuben

    Filmmaker, Cinematographer; THE ROVE LAB

    Gabe is a cinematographer and filmmaker from coastal Maine and co-owner of THE ROVE LAB. When he's not shooting for ROVE or VICE, he's surfing. When he's not surfing, he's eating ... Read more

  • Alex Reynolds


    Alex is a passionate surfer who tries to spend as much time in the water as he does on land. Growing up on the beaches of San Diego, Alex developed a love for surfing at a very you... Read more

  • Hanna Reynolds


    Hanna is a professional surfer at heart, but chooses to take the more mellow approach, which allows year-round surf in the frigid waters of New Zealand. Pouring steaming hot cocoa ... Read more

  • Scott Rhea


    Scott Rhea was born and raised in Louisiana enjoying the many cultural attributes that the redneck state offers. Spending his childhood on the Bayou fishing and eating crawfish gav... Read more

  • James Rheinberger


    My name is James Rheinberger. I'm a 22-year-old living is Brisbane, Australia. I have been shooting out of the water for around two years, and about a year ago purchased my first w... Read more

  • Joshua D. Rhodes

    4 Articles 34 Comments Postdoctoral Researcher of Energy, University of Texas at Austin

    Joshua D. Rhodes, Ph.D. is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in The Webber Energy Group and the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin. His current research is in the a... Read more

  • Nick Ricca


    Nick Ricca, 17, is an ambitious and creative photographer from the beautiful island of Maui. He is driven by the desire to constantly improve the quality of his photos. Surf and li... Read more

  • Gauthier Richard

    Digital Designer, Photographer, Surfer

    Gauthier Richard is a digital designer in industrial design field. He studied at ISD (Institut supérieure de Design, France). He is passionate about design, film, and photography.... Read more

  • Jenna Richardson


    All about the beat.... Read more