• Cori Schumacher

    3-Time World Longboard Champion

    Cori experienced surfing for the first time prenatally. Her mother surfed with her until she was 8 months pregnant. She received her first surfboard when she was 5 and surfed her f... Read more

  • Amit Schwacht


    Amit Schwachter is an independent filmmaker from Tel Aviv. His main interest is surfing and extreme sports in general.... Read more

  • Henning Schwalbe


    Henning is a German transplant who has called Southern California his home since 2007. He met his wife here in 2002 and they now have a little boy, which limits his time with the U... Read more

  • Matt Schwartz


    Schwartz has been photographing whimsical girls, surfing and travels for the past 7 years. The locations include Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Portugal, California... Read more

  • Amy Schwartz

    Writer / surfer

    Amy is the loyal but mischievous friend who convinced you to go night swimming, sing in math class, eat too many mangoes, tell the whole truth, start the dance floor, stand up for ... Read more

  • Matty Schweitzer

    Born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawai’i, Matty grew up surrounded by the best watermen in the world and was raised to push the limits in everything he does. His father Mat... Read more

  • Brian Scott


    Hi my name is Brian Scott. I am a freelance photographer from California who recently relocated to Nicaragua, Central America. I enjoy shooting surfing, portraits, empty waves, la... Read more

  • Arthur Seaman


    A native of New York City, he currently resides in Ocean City, Maryland. He is an avid surfer and waterman as well as a sponsored longboarder. A former ocean lifeguard, Artie curre... Read more

  • Jeremy Searle

    The Inertia Juicewhale

    Confused about origin. Believes he's a whale born somewhere off the coast of Encinitas, CA.... Read more

  • John Seaton Callahan


    John Seaton Callahan photographs with passion around the world, with a particular preference for tropical places, beautiful women, and locations with good surfing conditions. Calla... Read more