• Alexander Roberts

    Researcher, Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS), University of Leeds

    I am a post graduate researcher at the University of Leeds. I studied meteorology and atmospheric science as an undergraduate and wrote my PhD thesis on the meteorology of dust upl... Read more

  • Tyler Roberts

    Tyler is a freelance journalist and lawyer living in Southern California. Before entering the legal profession, he worked as a reporter in Wrightsville Beach, NC, writing about pol... Read more

  • Jon Roberts


    My name is Jon Roberts, a 20-year-old photographer from Laguna Beach, California. I began taking photographs when I was in high school, and I have grown to love it more and more ev... Read more

  • Austin Robertson

    Austin Robertson is originally from Monterey, California, where his passion for photography first began. He was drawn to surf photography because of the raw and rugged beauty that ... Read more

  • Colin Robinson

    Colin is a Canadian writer, surfer, and social innovation enthusiast whose love for the ocean and mountains was born in the Pacific Northwest and grew during trips down the left co... Read more

  • Dylan Robinson


    Dylan is a story teller and one to document moments in time. Being a photojournalist, these moments vary between an array of subjects. Though, no matter how many different people h... Read more

  • Jayce Robinson


    Growing up in St. Ives, the Cornish coastal dream town, I was destined to spend half of my life in the ocean, surfing, fishing, and training. Inspired by my brother and his generat... Read more

  • Sebastian Robinson


    Sebastian is a self taught photographer who hopes to broaden his experiences through travel and adventure. His work has been featured in national and international publications and... Read more

  • John Robison IV


    On the day of his college graduation John Robison IV told himself that he had until his 27th birthday to sort himself out, so long as he stayed out of debt and didn't lose any limb... Read more

  • Robyn Robledo

    Robyn Robledo, born and raised in San Diego, has traveled full time with her husband and five kids for more than three years. They've spent their days rock climbing, surfing, hikin... Read more