• Sam Bernal

    Sam Bernal is an artist living in Huntington Beach. Using the medium of paint pens and acrylics on canvas panels, he has created a unique style of art that he dubs “illustraction... Read more

  • Jan Bernard

    Jan Bernard was born in Mexico City and raised in a town called Veracruz, south of the Gulf of Mexico. He studied Communications Sciences at the University of Veracruz and has been... Read more

  • Morgan Bernard

    Morgan Bernard is the Co-Founder and the Executive Director of the Houston-based student travel company, Knowledge on the Run. He graduated from Sewanee: The University of the Sout... Read more

  • Sean Bernhardt


    Sean Bernhardt, 27-years old, is a freelance artist born and raised in Monmouth County, NJ.... Read more

  • Kaiwi Berry

    Surfer / shark diver / boat captain

    Kaiwi was born & raised on the North Shore Oahu. At 29 years young, he's become a surfer, shark diver, boat captain, North Shore lifeguard and the owner of Island View Hawaii ... Read more

  • Josh Berry

    Writer, Filmmaker, Oceanic

    Josh Berry is the son of a firewood cutter from the wilderness shoreline of Northern California. He cuts his teeth in cold ocean water.... Read more

  • BERT

    Surf Street Artist

    BERT, short for Bertlemann, is an anonymous surf street artist. BERT uses the ASP World Championship Tour, and other surf related trends, as inspiration for his visual surf culture... Read more

  • Shane Beschen

    Former ASP World Tour Surfer

    Shane Beschen, 40, is currently a Performance Coach for Red Bull and a freelance writer for The Inertia and Surfline. He is also a decorated ex-professional surfer boasting an impr... Read more

  • Tim Bessell


    Tim Bessell loves his job. He combines lifelong surfing experience with expert craftsmanship to create some of the best custom surfboards in the world. From world class professiona... Read more

  • Richard Betts

    Chair in Climate Impacts, University of Exeter and Head of Climate Impacts, Met Office Hadley Centre.

    Richard is Chair in Climate Impacts at the University of Exeter and Head of Climate Impacts in the Met Office Hadley Centre. His undergraduate studies were in Physics at the Univer... Read more