• Karina Rozunko


    Karina, 19, grew up in San Clemente, California. Here dad and brother are big influences her my surfing, and have pushed her to where she is today. Traveling to surf has been such... Read more

  • Eric Rubens


    Eric is a 29-year-old Laguna Beach-based electrical engineer and photographer. Born and raised in San Diego, California, he grew up traveling and playing competitive tennis. These ... Read more

  • Andrew Rubenstein


    Andrew Rubenstein hails from Washington, D.C. but learned to ski in Beaver Creek. He spent much of the year looking forward to his trips to the Rockies, mainly because of the Panda... Read more

  • Patrick Ruddy


    Patrick Ruddy was first inspired to take photographs at 15 years old. He would take his 35 mm camera down to the beach, and shoot photos of his friends surfing, and develop his own... Read more

  • Dan Rudmann

    Dan Rudmann is the director of Punctum Records, a community-focused record label, the founder of Studium, a co-disciplinary space for the arts and education, and principal at Human... Read more

  • Joel Rudolph

    Surfer/Musician/Web Guy

    Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Joel Rudolph is a classically trained musician, passionate urban vegetable grower, and surfer who lives in Halifax. Joel is the coordinator of the S... Read more

  • Gabrielle Ruloff

    Gabrielle is a writer/editor living in Vancouver, Canada. She surfed a lot more when she lived in Los Angeles, but can be seen in the water off of Vancouver Island in the summers n... Read more

  • Jeremy Rumas


    Jeremy hails from Northwest Indiana in the shadows of Chicago on the south end of Lake Michigan. Living in Chicago and inspired to surf, he decided to buy a longboard and head to S... Read more

  • Tanner Rumsey


    Tanner Rumsey was born and raised in Encinitas, California. He likes to have nature as the main focus in his photos, and people as smaller, humbler. He tries to capture the moment ... Read more

  • Brooke Rundle

    Co-Founder & Editor of San Juan Live, a lifestyle and travel online publication on San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

    Originally from California, Brooke moved to Nicaragua in 2007 for a lifestyle dedicated to community service, travel and surfing (of course). San Juan del Sur is a town that inspi... Read more