• Ashima Shiraishi


    Ashram Shirashi is in eighth grade. She likes to rock climb. She loves sour candy and chocolate. Seriously though, she loves chocolate.... Read more

  • Holly Shoebridge


    My name is Holly Shoebridge, I am based on Sydney's Northern Beaches and I run Hollytree Photo. The freedom of expression is what draws me to photography. We can all be looking a... Read more

  • Simon Short

    Author of the book, 'The Average Surfer's Guide - to Travel, Waves and Progression' which will be released on November 19th 2018. Writer for 'The Surfer's Guide' a grass roots ... Read more

  • Ali Shrode


    Ali is a so-cal native with a degree in English from UC Riverside. After graduating, she started interning for The Surf Chanel. With a passion for surfing and traveling, she hope... Read more

  • Gai Shtienberg


    Gai Shtienberg is 30 years old and lives in Israel. A year ago, he was looking to make a documentary on the Jewish orthodox. He knew he wanted something different, not the usual pi... Read more

  • Emily Shuckburgh

    Deputy Head of Polar Oceans, British Antarctic Survey, and Fellow, University of Cambridge

    Dr Emily Shuckburgh is a climate scientist based at the British Antarctic Survey. Her research is focused on understanding the polar oceans in a changing climate. She is co-author ... Read more

  • Alasdair Shurman


    Born and bred in Tasmania, Alasdair has spent several stints living around the globe, including Byron Bay, Margaret River, and Indonesia. Now back in Tasmania, Alasdair is a Histor... Read more

  • Laura Sidrisima


    The love of capturing those moments that I considered interesting made me start taking photos. Hours and hours on the shore and mile after mile on the road had a lot to do with it,... Read more

  • Alexandra Siebert

    My name is Alexandra Siebert and I am an illustrator from Germany. Currently, I am living in France next to Hossegor, working as an illustrator and surf instructor.... Read more

  • Dave Sieczkiewicz


    I have a passion for surf, waves, water, travel and photography. I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity and desire to chase my dreams and follow my passions. I’m currentl... Read more