• Will Schmidt

    Lifestyle Ocean Athlete

    Will Schmidt is the fish that swims upstream. Not because it gets him to his destination, but for the challenge that it presents. This ocean adventurer and paddlesports lifestyle a... Read more

  • Bruna Schmitz

    Professional Surfer

    Stephanie “Bruna” Schmitz was born and raised in the small fishing community of Matinhos, Brazil. She knew early on there was a life outside of the town borders just waiting to... Read more

  • Shannon Schmoll

    Director, Abrams Planetarium, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University

    I have a PhD in astronomy and science education. My dissertation was titled "Toward a Framework for Integrating Planetarium and Classroom Learning" and was aimed at better understa... Read more

  • Jason Schneidman


    Jason Schneidman is excited to be working with Dove Men+Care as an expert authority on their new hair care range of products for guys. He is “The Men’s Groomer” to many of Ho... Read more

  • Drew Schneier

    Digital Media and Content Coordinator, Surfrider Foundation

    Digital Media and Content Coordinator for the Surfrider Foundation.... Read more

  • Michael Schoaff


    Michael is a lifelong surfer who has a passion for family, friends and surfing.... Read more

  • David Scholnick

    I am a surfer and professor of marine biology at Pacific University in Oregon. For me, surfing and marine biology are inseparable. I am particularly interested in increasing ocean ... Read more

  • Kirstin Scholtz


    Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Kirstin Scholtz moved to Cape Town (on the coast) at the age of 12 where the ocean immediately captured her heart and sparked the beginning of w... Read more

  • Sebastian Schramm


    I have lived in Innsbruck (Austria) since 2002 as a passionate freeride snowboarder. I discovered surfing at the age of 20 and spent the majority of summers in Indonesia, as surfin... Read more

  • Daniel Schroermeyer

    As a landlocked surfer from Germany, Daniel found his passion for board riding in skateboards and snowboards. That inevitably led him to surfing. Ever since then he's been chasing ... Read more