• Mandy Sackett

    California Policy Coordinator, the Surfrider Foundation

    Mandy Sackett is the Surfrider Foundations California Policy Coordinator, and joined the California policy team in 2016 after serving as the Surfrider San Diego Chapter Manager. In... Read more

  • Nick Sadrpour

    Surfer/Ocean & Coastal Scientist

    Nick Sadrpour grew up in Los Angeles and during college he began working in a microbiology lab in Orange County monitoring ocean water quality. He moved to Monterey and earned a Ma... Read more

  • Dean Saffron

    Documentary Photographer

    Dean Saffron is a freelance documentary photographer. He began his career as a commercial photographer. In January 2007, he undertook aid work projects and documented Austraining p... Read more

  • Brian Sager


    Brian is from the New England area and grew up sailing and surfing on Nantucket. Years spent on the water, playing water polo, and lifeguarding, instilled a great love of the ocean... Read more

  • Keoki Saguibo


    Keoki Saguibo is a former pro longboarder and Hawaiian lensman.... Read more

  • Melina Saint Thunderdome


    Melina is a comedy writer. Her new e-book “Dirty Bingo: Why I Can’t Sit Next to That Cheater Eleanor Blythe Anymore” is out now!... Read more

  • Jesus Salazar


    Jesus Salazar is from Ensenada Baja California. He has been surfing since he was 10, but only recently discovered a passion for photography two years ago. His work is a result of t... Read more

  • Daniel Salcius

    Founder, Gearminded.com

    There are some things that a person never recovers from in life, and being raised near the ocean is one of them. Growing up in Huntington Beach, Dan adopted the ocean from and youn... Read more

  • Camila Saldarriaga


    Colombian visual artist Camila Saldarriaga has spent her life living between Bogotá, Miami, and Los Angeles. given her strong connection to her South American heritage, each locat... Read more

  • Stéphane Salerno


    I'm 34 years old, and I live in Urrugne in the Basque Country in the SW of France. It’s the town in front of Belharra reef. I've taking pictures since 1997, but before that, I w... Read more