• Jeff Schad

    President, Montauk Music

    Jeff Schad has been surfing for over 25 years. He has over 18 years of experience working in all spectrums media, from music to sports to business; with newspapers, magazines, onli... Read more

  • Dave Schauber

    Freelance Cinematographer

    Born in St. Augustine, Florida, Dave Schauber moved to Santa Barbara, California in 1992. As a teen, he was a top amateur surfer in The E.S.A.'s North Florida district and his goal... Read more

  • Chase Scheinbaum

    The Inertia Contributing Writer

    Chase Scheinbaum is a goofy-footed surf turkey who suffers from a very bad wetsuit neck-tan.... Read more

  • Evan Schell


    Evan Schell is an avid filmmaker, photographer, and surfer from San Diego, California. His interest in filming and editing began at an early age when he and his middle school frien... Read more

  • Timothy Schiller


    I'm 14-years-old, and I live on Oahu, Hawaii. When I was around six, I started surfing, and when I turned 11, I took an interest in photography. I like spending my time in the ocea... Read more

  • JP Schlick

    The Inertia Mountain Contributing Editor

    JP Schlick is a snowboarder with a passion for the mountains so strong that it occasionally spills over onto the page. With interests that range from sports performance to F-Stops,... Read more

  • Phil Schlieder

    Director / Cinematographer

    Phil Schlieder is a Cascadian filmmaker and surfer based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. He sits on the Oregon Surfrider Board and works closely with many different ... Read more

  • Jennifer Schmeer

    Writer/Documentarian/Ambassador for Reezen

    Jennifer is a freelance journalist who grew up in West Monroe and has traveled the world photographing and filming her adventures. She is currently an editor for Aladdin Surf Magaz... Read more

  • Chuck Schmid


    Chuck Scmid’s photos and articles have appeared in many surf publications, including: SURFER, Surfing, Tracks, and Surfline. You can view more of Schmid’s photography at... Read more

  • Parker Schmidt

    Director/Producer, Sunny Side Up

    Parker is a videographer, producer and director from Carlsbad California. He got into filming and producing because he had a ton of really talented friends that he felt deserved to... Read more