• Brent Shavnore

    Brent Shavnore is a United States Marine Corps veteran turned Audio Engineer/Photographer/Videographer. After serving five years as a Marine and a deployment to Iraq, Brent made hi... Read more

  • Matt Shaw


    Beauty, creativity, and passion can be found in all places. Surfing helps bring those things to the surface.... Read more

  • Joshua Shelly

    Joshua has been a bodyboarder since childhood. Born in Goleta, California he considers his local spot anywhere the waves are barreling in the 805 area code. His lifelong love affai... Read more

  • Mitchell Shepherd


    Mitchell is Australian. He has lived in several places in his home country as well as others around the world. He likes to think about travel and also bring about feelings of nosta... Read more

  • Matt Shepherd


    Matt Shepherd sees the world more clearly under water. Indeed, he is most at home amongst the creatures of the sea, from the tiniest of shrimp to the largest rays and sharks. Throu... Read more

  • Steve Sherman


    Steve Sherman is an iconic photojournalist best known for his portraiture and ability to capture candid moments behind the scenes with professional surfing's elite athletes. Sherm,... Read more

  • Robert Sherwood


    Born in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Robert’s fascination with film began at an early age; editing and shooting video since he was 12. A young computer geek fixated on editing fi... Read more

  • Natsuko Shibata


    Natsuko Shibata & Dave Mathew operate as a team in order to produce the magic of ISLANDEYEphotography. They live and work in the most amazing place on earth - the Mentawai Isla... Read more

  • Gavin Shige


    Gavin is a photographer out of Oahu who is inspired by others as well as massive waves. During the winter is when he chases big swells around Oahu and the neighboring island of Ma... Read more

  • Ashima Shiraishi


    Ashram Shirashi is in eighth grade. She likes to rock climb. She loves sour candy and chocolate. Seriously though, she loves chocolate.... Read more