• Mike Smolowe


    Mike Smolowe grew up outside of Philadelphia where the nearest ocean is an hour away and across another state. He didn't surf until he was 16 years old, but like so many, he has w... Read more

  • Andrew Sneddon

    Founder of Coastal Playground

    Andrew Sneddon is a proud husband and father of two little girls. He is an avid bodyboarder and the Owner & Founder of Coastal Play... Read more

  • Sam Snell


    Sam Snell was born in England but raised in Dunedin, New Zealand. He grew up in a small town called Waikouaiti where his dad taught him to surf when he was about 12. As he grew up ... Read more

  • Jessica Snyder

    Clothing Designer

    Jessica Snyder is a clothing designer from Los Angeles, CA. Growing up surfing the infamous First Point, Malibu she witnessed the incredible history, style, and culture of the spor... Read more

  • Barry Snyder

    Founder, Barry Snyder Designs

    Barry started surfing in the late 70s. Boards were getting shorter. High-performance surfing was in its infancy. The gap between skateboarding and surfing was getting closer. Soon ... Read more

  • Niko Soikkeli


    I'm a Finland bred surf enthusiast currently living in a minivan somewhere on the East Coast of Australia. I do both photo and video work and try to differentiate my stuff from the... Read more

  • Paolo Soler

    ... Read more

  • Shahar Solomianik

    Web Entrepreneur

    Shahar is a 42-year-old surfer from Israel with three kids and a dog. He's a web entrepreneur who'd prefer to surf all over the world.... Read more

  • Josh Soskin

    Director / Photographer

    Josh Soskin has spent most of his life directing moving pictures–commercials, short films, documentaries, etc. He just finished directing "La Carnada," a prequel to his first fea... Read more

  • Ian Sotzing


    Ian Sotzing grew up near the ocean in Connecticut and spent much of his childhood summers in Long Island Sound. He has worked on feature films and hit TV shows for HBO, NBC, DreamW... Read more