• Harriet Spark

    Harriet Spark is a dive instructor turned graphic designer. Passionate about conservation through creative communication, you'll find her either underwater or above sea level, desi... Read more

  • Dave Sparkes


    Dave was born in 1962 and grew up in Bondi Beach, moving to Blueys Beach, on the NSW mid-north coast, in 1998. He has been a full time professional surf photographer/journalist sin... Read more

  • Noah Sparkman


    Noah Sparkman is a photographer living and working along the California Coast. He was born in New England and raised with a love for the ocean, surfing, and telling stories.... Read more

  • Paul Spence

    Senior Lecturer, Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW

    Paul is currently using a suite of global climate models, ranging from coarse to ocean eddy-permitting, to investigate ocean dynamics. His research is currently focused on water ma... Read more

  • Colin Spencer

    Writer/Dabbling Shaper

    Hailing from San Francisco, CA, Colin's surfing has been honed in some of Northern California's best beach break. He is stoked on single fins, shapes his own boards, and dabbles in... Read more

  • James Spencer

    Based in South Florida, Dr. James Spencer is a Sports Performance Chiropractor, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. He has f... Read more

  • Sterling Spencer

    The Best Surfer in the World/First Person to Ever Surf Pipeline

    Sterling Brown Spencer grew up in the sleepy town of Pensacola located in the Panhandle of Florida. In an area not known for waves, Sterling has done the impossible of becoming a p... Read more

  • Davide Spina


    I am a freelance director, cinematographer and editor from Italy, based in Switzerland. I started filming in 2007 thanks to a strong passion for board sports and action sports, ext... Read more

  • Justis St John


    Documenting surf travel...... Read more

  • Amado Stachenfeld

    Video Content Director, Terasu

    Amado Stachenfeld is always navigating between cities and outside: in the water gliding down the line at one of California’s numerous perfect points, fly-fishing, and occasionall... Read more