• Adam Skolnick

    Adam Skolnick has written for the New York Times, Playboy, Outside, ESPN.com, BBC.com, Salon.com, Men’s Health, Wired, and Travel + Leisure, among others. He has visited 45 count... Read more

  • William Skudin

    Big Wave Surfer, Co-Founder of NYSEA

    Will is an internationally recognized big wave surfer and the Vice President of Skudin Surf Camps (the biggest surf school in NY). He runs the successful surf camp every summer in ... Read more

  • Caleb Slaney

    I am 20 years old, I live in West Auckland, New Zealand, and am studying Communications at Auckland's University of Technology. I love surfing, writing, and exploring New Zealand's... Read more

  • Evan Slater

    VP of Marketing, Hurley

    Evan Slater was a long-time editor of Surfing Magazine, much of it spent during the Dream Tour's supposed Golden Age. He currently does stuff at Hurley when he's not commu... Read more

  • Kelly Slater

    11-Time WSL World Champion

    Kelly Slater is an 11-time WSL World Champion and has been called "the greatest surfer to ever live." He has been compared to Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. He has also initiated ... Read more

  • Morgan Sliff

    I really like water. Not just the kind you drink - the kind that you dance around in and on and dive through pretending to be some sort of sea creature. Mermaid preferably, but... Read more

  • Sarah Sloan


    I grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Every summer I visited Atlantic Beach, NC to be with family where my love for the ocean was born. I am now studying Communications and min... Read more

  • Ed Sloane


    Ed is a 28-year-old surf photographer from Victoria, Australia. He has been shooting for about five years now and can happily say he's still feeling out what it is he really wants ... Read more

  • Shane Slothouber


    I was born in a small, un-surfable town called Maple Ridge in B.C. Canada. I grew up stoked to snowboard the mountains in my area, and never surfed until I went traveling in my la... Read more

  • Mike Smack


    A little more than 2 years ago I quit my day job...and my night job. I got rid of all the crap in my apartment by the beach and began traveling. Since then I have lived and worked ... Read more