• Bruce Usher


    I grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. In the summer of 1959 / 60 I started surfing and my father built a dark room under the house, showed me how to process and print black and... Read more

  • Johnny Utah

    Former Eff Bee Eye Agent/Quarterback Punk

    A graduate of the Ohio State University and former Buckeye quarterback, you probably remember me from when I beat SC in the Rose Bowl that one year. After a knee injury ruined my c... Read more

  • Emilie Uttrup

    Emilie Uttrup is 27 years old from Denmark. She is currently living in a small fishing and surfing town in Portugal, where she spend most of her time surfing and writing her Master... Read more

  • The Vagrants


    Coolangatta resident. Too impatient to shoot land. Won’t shoot anyone agro or any one who dropped in, regardless of who they are. Inst... Read more

  • Michael Valencius


    My name is Mike Valencius. I'm a surfer based out of the the now frigid cold state of Massachusetts. I've been a surfer for about 10 years now, but have been particularly active in... Read more

  • Tomas Valente

    Tomás Valente is a 29-year old professional surfer from Portugal.... Read more

  • Hélio Valentim


    Hélio Valentim was born in 1981 in Lisbon. He's passionate about cinema, surf and nature. His specialization lies in Image and Cinematography. He has worked in TV and now is free... Read more

  • Grace Van Berkum

    Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Sivananda Yoga Teacher

    Grace is a passionate yoga teacher and plant-based nutritionist who teaches various yoga and nutrition retreats and workshops in Nicaragua. She works with surfers and athletes aro... Read more

  • Olmo van Beurden

    Surfer / Entrepreneur

    Olmo is the co-founder of SurfaWhile, enjoying surfing while traveling for work and helping others learn new languages.... Read more

  • Robin Van Gyn


    Canadian born and bred snowboarder, living in Whistler and where ever the next storm is set to hit! Life outside is my motto and I stick to what I am good at and what I love the mo... Read more