• Eric Sterman

    Aerial Photographer

    Check out Eric Sterman's Instagram and his Vimeo page.... Read more

  • Trent Stevens

    Visual Journalist

    Trent Stevens is a visual journalist living in Ventura, CA specializing in surf and mountain culture. He is known to many as SEAWOLF. See more from him on Read more

  • Michael Stewart

    Co-Founder, Sustainable Surf

    Michael Stewart grew up sliding on the shifting sand bars around Cape Hatteras, but now finds himself slotted among the rocks, sharks, and fog near the Golden Gate bridge. He has b... Read more

  • Ethan Stewart


    Ethan Stewart is a Cape Cod native with webbed toes. He's been calling Santa Babylon, CA home base since that great El Nino Winter of 1998. A senior staff writer at the Santa Barba... Read more

  • Manie Steyn

    World Traveler

    Manie Steyn was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Inspired by authors like Kerouac and Hemingway, he has spent most of his life in search of the next adventure. Be it Atlantic ocean... Read more

  • Mike Stice

    Mike Stice is a Southern California native who spent much of his youth bodysurfing the scenic coves of Laguna Beach. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he worked at SURFING Magazin... Read more

  • Jenny Stinson


    Jenny Stinson is a surfer, writer, and West Coast Rep for New York's surf and skate lifestyle brand Surf Panda www.pandadiplomacy.com She is currently residing in New York city for... Read more

  • Kyle Stock

    Teacher/Backyard Scientist/Bodysurfer

    Born in Ohio, Kyle Stock moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina after college and fell for the Ocean there. In 2007, he moved to Cardiff-by-the-Sea which deepened his love. A p... Read more

  • Lena Stoffel


    Lena Stoffel was born and raised in Leutkirch im Allgäu, which is a small city in the alpine upland of Germany. After graduating from school in 2003, she spent half a year in Lisb... Read more

  • Alan Stokes


    Alan “Stokesy” Stokes a British professional surfer with a fitting name to boot. Stoker is perpetually stoked out on surfing big time. His focus and drive to push his own perfo... Read more