• Lena Stoffel


    Lena Stoffel was born and raised in Leutkirch im Allgäu, which is a small city in the alpine upland of Germany. After graduating from school in 2003, she spent half a year in Lisb... Read more

  • Alan Stokes


    Alan “Stokesy” Stokes a British professional surfer with a fitting name to boot. Stoker is perpetually stoked out on surfing big time. His focus and drive to push his own perfo... Read more

  • Nick Stolz

    The Inertia Style Editor

    Nick's from Philly. Went to school in Hawaii and charges like a champion on occasion. Some call him the Oracle. But whatevs.... Read more

  • Diane Stopyra


    Diane Stopyra is a freelance journalist based in Cape May, New Jersey. Her work has appeared in Salon, Marie Claire, Runner's World, and others. She's been skydiving, bungee jumpin... Read more

  • David Stover

    Co-Founder of Bureo Skateboards

    David Stover holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and he brings a strong background in financial analysis to the Bureo team. Growing up in small island community renown for enviro... Read more

  • Vaun Stover-French

    Born in Washington, raised on Maui; I grew up with and spent most of my time around the ocean. I've been passionate about the ocean throughout my whole childhood thanks to ocean-lo... Read more

  • Shaelyn Strachan

    Associate Professor, University of Manitoba

    I received my Ph.D. in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo and then completed a post-doc funded by the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation at the University of Saskatchew... Read more

  • Vince Street


    Vince grew up along the coastline of Northern California in the quiet town of Pacifica. In 1997 he went to play football for the University of Hawaii and when his senior season end... Read more

  • John Streit


    My life was forever changed by two gifts I received at 12 years old. One was a guitar. The other was a surfboard. Since then, life has revolved around a balance between these two a... Read more

  • Shane Stricker

    Writer / Producer

    Shane Stricker moved across the country to Portland, Oregon for the biking. His passion for bicycle culture, green living, and urban planning brought him to the city where he write... Read more