• Grace Van Berkum

    Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Sivananda Yoga Teacher

    Grace is a passionate yoga teacher and plant-based nutritionist who teaches various yoga and nutrition retreats and workshops in Nicaragua. She works with surfers and athletes aro... Read more

  • Olmo van Beurden

    Surfer / Entrepreneur

    Olmo is the co-founder of SurfaWhile, enjoying surfing while traveling for work and helping others learn new languages.... Read more

  • Robin Van Gyn


    Canadian born and bred snowboarder, living in Whistler and where ever the next storm is set to hit! Life outside is my motto and I stick to what I am good at and what I love the mo... Read more

  • Alan van Gysen


    I come from a land called Africa, where the lions and elephants roam free. And the great whites even more so. I feel blessed to call it home. It all started here, and I feel like i... Read more

  • Crissy Van Meter


    Crissy Van Meter is writer + editor in Los Angeles. She has an MFA in Fiction from The New School in New York City. Her fiction has appeared in Monkeybicycle, TROn, NANO Fiction, T... Read more

  • Pete Van Zandt


    Pete is from a coastal town in the United Kingdom and is raising a beautiful family way too far way from the beach working as a librarian, artist and writer.... Read more

  • Matthew Vanatta

    The Inertia Mountain Contributing Editor

    Matthew Vanatta is a former Associate Editor of Snowboard Magazine and Head Contributor/columnist for ESPN Action Sports, and has spent the last ten years crafting action sports me... Read more

  • Dean Vandewalle


    Dean Vandewalle is a 14-year-old surfer born in Belgium surfer who lives in between Oahu and Costa Rica.... Read more

  • Thomas VanMelum

    World's Greatest Bodysurfer/Pog Trader

    Thomas VanMelum is the World's Greatest Bodysurfer. A published poet. Writer. Wine enthusiast. Enabler. Mother fornicator. Pog trader. He was man made in Newport Beach California a... Read more

  • Federico Vanno


    Federico is an Italian photographer born in Rome, Italy. It was in the "Eternal City" that he decided to chase his dreams and become a photographer. His passion for photography was... Read more