• Jesse Thompson

    Freelance Photographer

    I’m a freelance photographer and aspiring anthropologist. My favorite landscape photographers always make their scenes look dreamy and surreal, which is what I went for here. ... Read more

  • Joe Thompson


    Joe Thompson is a world-class artist and inventor living on Merritt Island, Florida. Some of his sculptures are in major collections in the U.S. and internationally. In addition, h... Read more

  • Ed Thompson

    Ed Thompson is a writer born in England and living in New York. He's created Ice Cream Headaches, a book of interviews and photographs documenting New York as a surf city, somethin... Read more

  • Matt Thomson

    Founder, Wavecation

    Matt is a native Texan who grew up surfing the less than ideal waves on Galveston Island. A hunger to explore new places and better waves led Matt to California for college and the... Read more

  • Elli Thor Magnusson


    A big part of my childhood was spent sleeping in tents, mountain huts and cabins. My parents shared with me their love for the outdoors. Hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, kayak... Read more

  • Trevor Thornton

    Lecturer, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Deakin University

    Dr. Trevor Thornton is currently a lecturer in Hazardous Materials Management at Deakin University with prior experience at Victoria's Environment Protection Authority. He has c... Read more

  • Ben Thouard


    Ben Thouard grew up in the south of France where the waves are small. His father was a sailor and taught him everything about the ocean. Rocked by waves and wind, he received an ed... Read more

  • TJ Thran

    TJ Thran is a snowboarder, surfer, photographer, videographer, and entrepreneur residing half the year in Rhode Island and half the year in Vermont. His passion for the outdoors an... Read more

  • Ian Thurtell


    Ian Thurtell is a photographer from Cape Town, South Africa. He shoot smainly for Zigzag surf magazine, but also work for other brands in and around the country.... Read more

  • Tara Tiedemann


    Tara Tiedemann lives in Guatemala, Central America and owns and operates the tour and travel company, Viva Adventures. She also is a freelance writer and photographer, highlightin... Read more