• Rebecca Taylor

    Lecturer in Economics, University of Sydney

    I'm a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney. My research interests are at the intersections of consumer behavior, food policy, and e... Read more

  • Will Taylor


    Will Taylor grew up in Gold Beach, Oregon, surfing the burly waters of the North Pacific and oaring rafts down the nearby Rogue River. He attended college in San Luis Obispo, where... Read more

  • Jiro Taylor

    Surfer/Life Coach

    Jiro Taylor is the founder of The Flowstate Collective, a global community of entrepreneurs and adventurers committed to peak pe... Read more

  • Alison Teal


    Alison Teal, a female "Indiana Jones," journeys into ancient cultures with her camera and pink surfboard to share global secrets of survival, sustainability, and happiness through ... Read more

  • Anastasia Telesetsky

    Professor of International Environmental Law, University of Idaho

    I am a professor of law at the University of Idaho College of Law. I have taught environmental law and international law with a specialization in ocean resource law since 2009. I p... Read more

  • Lisa Telles

    TCA Acting Chief Executive Officer

    Lisa Telles is acting chief executive officer of the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) and The Toll Roads, Orange County’s 67-mile toll road system and the largest toll road... Read more

  • Jake Tellkamp


    Jacob M. Tellkamp is an aspiring surf journalist from the small coastal village of Seal Beach, California. His current endeavors include a biography titled "The Vagabond Chronicles... Read more

  • testRoss2

    ... Read more

  • Off the Boat

    Film Production Company

    We started Off The Boat Films as we wanted to do something that we were passionate about. We were both working offshore and although it allowed us to travel we decided it wasn’t... Read more

  • Laure-Hélène Thibaud


    Laure-Hélène currently lives in southeast France. She travels in New Zealand, Morocco, Indonesia, and throughout France in order to take pictures about what she feels surfing rep... Read more