• Rebekah Wright


    Rebekah Wright is a graduate with a B.S. in Environmental Science and currently works as a Water Quality Engineer in the Southern California area. She finds most of her time in the... Read more

  • Matt Wyatt


    Matt began photography incidentally in December of 2013. Since then, he eats, sleeps and drinks photography. He lies awake at night thinking about shots that he wants to take. Ac... Read more

  • Kathy Xu

    Founder, The Dorsal Effect

    Kathy is the founder of The Dorsal Effect. Having been a school teacher for seven years and constantly advocating for her students to do g... Read more

  • Nitin Yadav

    Nitin Yadav is a marketing analyst of Frugaa.com, specializing in market research and analyzing and interpreting data to identify patterns and solutions. But in his downtime he is ... Read more

  • Crystal Yang


    Crystal grew up in Manhattan Beach, Calif. and regularly surfs the ever-changing break of El Porto as well as the perfect jetties off of Newport Beach. Immersed in several years of... Read more

  • Sam Yang

    Sam Yang loves cars and surfing. As the owner of a California-based apparel manufacturing collective plus a collection of unique automobiles, Sam connects his passions as much as p... Read more

  • Jinna Yang

    Photographer, Filmmaker

    It's been three years since I quit my corporate job in New York City to pursue photography full time. What started as a late-night, weekend hobby turned into my everyday career th... Read more

  • Sarah Yani Vann-Sander

    Surfer/Scientist/Systems Thinker/Community Organizer/Social Entrepreneur

    Sarah is a West Australian based surfer, scientist, systems thinker, community organizer and social entrepreneur. She has an interdisciplinary background, spanning law, politics, e... Read more

  • Iki Yasuo


    Iki is an artist inspired by surfing and the natural world around him. He is passionate about nature's shapes and textures. His modern graffiti and detailed style reflects his deep... Read more

  • Lauren Ybarra Ditonto


    San Diego's Lauren Ybarra Ditonto earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of San Diego, and studied abroad at Saint Clare’s, Oxford where she cultivated her pass... Read more