• Ian Tyley


    Ian Tyley was born in Townsville, Queensland. At the age of three, his family packed up and moved to the Central Coast of NSW. He grew up just meters from the beautiful coastline, ... Read more

  • Jennifer and Alanna Tynan

    Founders, The Latitude Project

    We are two wide eyed sisters and friends. Curious travelers with insatiable appetites for adventure, we're excited by learning about new places, new people, new cultures, new thin... Read more

  • Jennifer Underwood


    Jennifer Underwood is a Freelance Writer and Landscape Photographer. She is the owner of the website and blog, Women&Waves. She is an advocate and supporter of female surfing.... Read more

  • Rodrigo Ungaro


    I’ve always had a passion for the ocean. It is the only thing that calms me down and keeps me sane; that’s why surfing and water became such a huge part of my life. Getting int... Read more

  • Brian Unger


    Brian Unger lives in Rincón, Puerto Rico and spends part of each year in Santa Cruz, California and on the Jersey Shore. He has three children and earned an M.A. in English &... Read more

  • Amelia Urry

    Assistant Editor, Grist.org

    Amelia Urry is a writer of things like poems and math books. Editorial assistant @grist. Buzzwords include: fractals, climate, cats, science, Earhart, Woolf, radio, the sea.... Read more

  • Bruce Usher


    I grew up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. In the summer of 1959 / 60 I started surfing and my father built a dark room under the house, showed me how to process and print black and... Read more

  • Johnny Utah

    Former Eff Bee Eye Agent/Quarterback Punk

    A graduate of the Ohio State University and former Buckeye quarterback, you probably remember me from when I beat SC in the Rose Bowl that one year. After a knee injury ruined my c... Read more

  • Emilie Uttrup

    Emilie Uttrup is a surfergirl from Denmark. She is currently living in a small fishing and surfing town in Portugal, where she spend most of her time surfing, writing and working w... Read more

  • The Vagrants


    Coolangatta resident. Too impatient to shoot land. Won’t shoot anyone agro or any one who dropped in, regardless of who they are. Inst... Read more