• Tim Torchia

    Photographer / Surfer

    I've been a lifelong resident in New Jersey living no more than five minutes from the beach my entire life. After surfing for many years I fell in love with capturing epic moments ... Read more

  • Aurora Torres

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Ecology, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research

    Originally from Madrid, Dr. Aurora Torres is a Reserach Fellow at The German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) and Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU)... Read more

  • Cody Townsend

    Skier/Founder, Arcade Belts

    From his first ski run at Squaw Valley at the age of 2, Cody Townsend knew he had found his passion. He spent his early years chasing legends like Shane McConkey and Kent Kreitler ... Read more

  • Lucas Tozzi


    7 years ago I decided to combine my two passions, Surf & photography. Which is quite complicated, as a surfer (over 23 years surfing), sacrifice a good session fo... Read more

  • Mario Trave


    Mario Trave was born in 1977 and is a photographer and traveler. He currently works with NGOs documenting health situations in crisis areas. He is devoted to Mediterranean searches... Read more

  • Giacomo Treviglio


    Born in Senigallia, Italy, Giacomo is a filmmaker and graphic designer, but first of all a longboarder. He works for the Huia Surf School in the Italian East Coast. Italian east c... Read more

  • Blair Trewin

    Climate Scientist

    Blair Trewin is an Australian climate scientist. His specialist areas are the development of long-term historical data sets for the assessment of climate change, and the analysis o... Read more

  • Nick Tribuno


    Nick Tribuno is 20 years old and currently lives in Ocean City, Maryland. He first picked up a camera his senior year of high school and has mainly focused on shooting surf for abo... Read more

  • Connor Trimble

    Connor Trimble is a talented young videographer and photographer specializing in extreme sports. He uses his athletic talent to get the shot no matter where he is, having been a D1... Read more

  • Simon Triplett

    Ex-Teacher/Serial Traveler/Sea-Dog/Writer

    I’m an ex-teacher, a serial traveler, an obsessed sea-dog and budding writer from North Avoca, Australia. I’m passionate about the sea and all the ways, boards and craft used t... Read more