• Jared Veltsos

    Goofy footer from NH, trying to keep the neck-tan going year round.... Read more

  • Nick Ventura


    a 19 year old photographer living on the east coast.... Read more

  • Victoria Vergara

    Professional Surfer

    Victoria grew up between New Caledonia and Reunion Island, which is where she began longboarding. Since then, she's traveled around the world, discovering new cultures and new wave... Read more

  • Alex Verharst

    Photographer/Graphic Designer

    Alex Verharst is born and raised in Southern California. Alex is devoted to creating original graphic designs, he is developed a deep passion for photography. His photography portf... Read more

  • Michael Vericker


    Michael grew up in northern New Jersey. With his family, he traveled a lot as a kid and frequented places like California, Hawaii, and spent many summers on Long Beach Island. It w... Read more

  • Quentin Verseput

    When Quentin was 13 years old he was introduced to surfing in the frigid North Sea. After family trips to France, the bug stayed and surfing became a valid part of his life. N... Read more

  • Marcio Viana


    My love of surfing and a passion for film and photography was only natural, given that I had grown up on the Northeast coast of Brazil. Eight years ago I moved to Santa Barbara, Ca... Read more

  • Simo Vibart


    Simo Vibart is an artist/surfer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. After living in Hawaii for more than a year, Simo has learned a lot from the culture and lifestyle of the islands, w... Read more

  • Carmen Vicari


    Carmen Vicari’s stylish, high-contrast camera work and editing work create a hypnotic vision of exuberance and creativity in surfing. It's a healthy, new look at the wonderfully ... Read more

  • Christopher Vick


    Christopher Vick lives in Bath with his family. He works for a whale and dolphin conservation charity, is a graduate of Bath Spa MA program in children’s writing and is a keen su... Read more