• Ben Wiener

    I am a Great Lakes surfer who can barely read or write. I like soccer but I call it football because the rest of planet Earth does. Back in Michigan, I was studying Geography, spec... Read more

  • Erika Wiggins

    Active Explorer

    Erika Wiggins is a freelance writer with a passion for travel and adventure sports. Last winter she visited Utah on assignment to learn to ski. Three months later, she packed up an... Read more

  • Chris Wilcox

    Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO

    Chris Wilcox joined CSIRO as a senior researcher in the Marine and Atmospheric Research Division in 2005. His research focuses on understanding human impacts on ecological systems ... Read more

  • Kirk Willcox


    Kirk Willcox is a former Tracks magazine editor. As a photojournalist, he has contributed to numerous publications including Rolling Stone, Lonely Planet and the Sydney Morning Her... Read more

  • Patrick Willey

    Surfer/Co-Founder, Two Feet and Clasy Productions

    Patrick Willey, aka Chodes Mahoney and co-founder of Two Feet and Classy Productions, was raised with a love for the water. Born in Richmond, Virginia, his father taught him a life... Read more

  • Eesha Williams

    Eesha Williams won the Vermont Press Association's Mavis Doyle Award for best investigative journalism published in any of the state's daily and weekly newspapers. Williams covered... Read more

  • Lindsey Williams

    Founder, CreativeWave Movement // Artist

    Founder of CreativeWave Movement, "Empowering the Youth, One Artist and Surfer at a Time," Lindsey finds it a challenge to sit completely still for too long. To make matters worst,... Read more

  • Rupert Williams


    Rupert Williams is a graduate from university in the North of Scotland. A surfer, bodyboarder, photographer and writer, Williams loves to read and travel. Currently he lives in G... Read more

  • Tom Williams

    Tom is the founder of Free Candy Productions, starting as a youtube series in his senior year of high school at Kahuku. He has always been highly involved with the process of makin... Read more



    Ryan (RYZPHOTO) Williams is an award winning Australian based surf photographer specialising in surfing, lifestyle, travel, underwater,and coastal landscape images and is regularly... Read more