• Peter Joli Wilson


    A pillar of the surf media for the last four decades? Well it's kinda true but doubt Peter Wilson would want to be spoken of as such, because pillars aren't too mobile. He was ... Read more

  • Carly Wilson

    Carly spent the majority of her youth surfing competitively up and down the coast of California. At 18 she moved to Oahu where she attended the University of Hawaii. Passionate abo... Read more

  • Jeff Wilson

    I am 46-year-old surfer/teacher/writer currently living in Milan, Italy. I have lived and surfed primarily in New Jersey and Norther California. Currently, my surfing is done on su... Read more

  • Robb Wilson

    Co-Editor/Photographer, Aladdin Surf Mag

    Robb was born in the Philippines, but moved to Long Beach, California, when he was around four years old. Long Beach is a very diverse city with a lot to offer. He has been surfing... Read more

  • Skylar Wilson


    Skylar Wilson is originally from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. She has been living in Southern California since 2013 and specializes in cinematography and editing. She spends most of h... Read more

  • Chris Wilson

    UK-born photographer and filmmaker Chris Wilson currently resides on the Northern Beaches of Sydney after living in New Zealand, Spain and most recently, New York City. He speciali... Read more

  • Amanda Winchell

    ... Read more

  • Michael Witt


    A native of Los Angeles, Ca, and currently residing in Venice Beach, Michael Witt set out for high adventure when he was hired on as an expert guide to run three-week tours through... Read more

  • Constantin Witt-Dörring


    In 2008, after doing a year of military service, Constantin Witt-Dörring was done with home. He really needed to get away and so he ran. For some reason he had the inner urge to t... Read more

  • John Witzig

    Co-Founder, Tracks Magazine

    John Witzig got lucky when some of his friends got famous. He was hanging around surfing in Australia with the right people at the right time. He misspent his youth involved with s... Read more