• Philip Waikoloa

    Educated at UC-Santa Cruz as a literature major and history minor set him on a path to freelance writing (including an interview with Jack Johnson), publishing a short-lived surf m... Read more

  • Maia Walczak


    Maia Walczak is a self-taught artist, author-illustrator of children’s picture books and novelist. She was born in London, spent her childhood summers in the forests of Poland, a... Read more

  • Tony Robert Walker

    Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University

    Dr. Walker currently focuses his research efforts on management and remediation of contaminated sites, ecological impacts and mitigation of industrial pollution, ecological risk as... Read more

  • Isaiah Walker


    Born and raised in Keaukaha, Hawai'i, Isaiah Walker is currently an Assistant Professor of History at Brigham Young University-Hawaii on O'ahu’s North Shore. He earned a PhD from... Read more

  • Skye Walker


    Skye Walker was born in Big Bear, California in 1978. His parents, Morris and Lynn Walker were musicians, entertainers and artists. When Skye and his younger sister Amoris were old... Read more

  • Guy Walker

    Guy is a surfer and freelance journalist based out of Los Angeles. He operates the blog paradiseofstorm.com.... Read more

  • Milano Walker

    My name is actually Milan Walker, but somewhere along the line an "o" got tacked on at the end and it goes pretty well, so guess that makes me Milano. I've been around for about 24... Read more

  • Elise Walker

    This plant powered wellness advocate, loves all things green! From her daily spinach & kale smoothies, to her environmental advocacy, Elise is always seeking for ways to lead a... Read more

  • Steve Wall

    Steve is a 23 year old photographer and filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia. Growing up and surfing in the city meant regular trips north and south were always on the agenda, and ... Read more

  • Circe Wallace

    Founder, Circe Snow

    Formerly one of the world’s top female snowboarders, Circe Wallace has gone on to help define the role of athletes in action sports, pushing the boundaries of professional women ... Read more