• Jennifer Weeks

    Environment + Energy Editor, The Conversation

    Jennifer Weeks spent the past decade as a freelance journalist covering environment, science, and health for magazines and websites. She also has worked as a Congressional aide, lo... Read more

  • Jordan Weeks

    Professional Sports Photographer

    Jordan Weeks is a Professional Sports Photographer from Cornwall (United Kingdom). Born in 1983, and growing up in a small seaside town, Jordan always had a love for the ocean and ... Read more

  • Tom Wegener

    Shaper/Alaia Enthusiast

    Tom is a troubled soul who has always been out of step with the rest of the surfing world. In the 80s he was a surfer and shaper of traditional longboards. During the ‘90s he was... Read more

  • Matty Weiler

    Surf Coach. Verbal Carpenter

    Matty is a surf coach living in a town more known for tech startups and higher education than surfing; but that ain't gonna slow his flow. He is well versed in Great Lakes surfing... Read more

  • Kevin Weiner


    Kevin S. Weiner is a neuroscientist at Stanford University, the director of Public Communications at the Institute for Applied Neuroscience (scienceforgood.org), and the neuroscien... Read more

  • Lex Weinstein

    It all started with the Ocean. I credit Her for it all. I was born ten minutes from Her shorelines and no matter which continent I've roamed, we have remained intimately connect... Read more

  • Zach Weisberg

    The Inertia Founder

    Zach Weisberg is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of The Inertia. A former editor at SURFER Magazine, Weisberg's work has been featured in The New York Times, Esquire, Forbes, Nyl... Read more

  • zach.weisberg1

    ... Read more

  • Douglas Evan Weiss


    Writer, surfer, shaper, founding member of The Trancendental Single Fin Association.... Read more

  • Matt Weiss

    Owner, DivePhotoGuide.com

    Matt Weiss is a publisher, photographer, and journalist based in Brooklyn.  He is the owner of DivePhotoGuide.com, a leading underwater photography publication, and frequently l... Read more