• Ian Bolliger


    Ian Bolliger is a former ski racer turned amateur ski mountaineer from Seattle, WA. He is a two-time AAC Live Your Dream grant recipient and winner of Sidetracked Magazine’s Read more

  • Matt Bonham


    Matt Bonham is a writer, photographer and wanderlust extraordinaire based in Roanoke, Virginia, where he plans then procrastinates moving to Southern California every other day. Ri... Read more

  • Bastien Bonnarme


    Born and raised on the Atlantic Coast of Southwest France, Bastien Bonnarme has been drawn to the ocean from a very early age. An enthusiastic surfer, lifeguard and bodysurfer, Bas... Read more

  • Michael Bonwell


    Michael started shooting in early spring of 2014, and has come a long way since his humble beginnings. Starting out, he had a Nikon D60 that shot 3 frames per second. His first le... Read more

  • 8Booth

    Extreme Athlete

    I grew up in South Orange County. I scout big cliff jumps and hotel buildings to launch off of. I also love freeride mountain biking, downhill skateboarding, freediving and bodysur... Read more

  • Nicole Boramanand

    Art Photographer

    Described as “impressionist photography”, much of her art lives at the intersection between brush- painting and traditional documentary-style photography. Nicole Boramanand cre... Read more

  • Irui Borba

    About my photos? I like to do different things, to show surfing in a romantic way. I like to illustrate the ambiance. To share those emotions that only surfers have when we see ano... Read more

  • Alexandria Bordas

    The Inertia Contributing Writer

    Alexandria Bordas was born and raised in Surf City, Huntington Beach A dedicated noserider since 1997, she was introduced to surfing by her father in Kauai. Since then, she has f... Read more

  • Iain Borden

    Professor of Architecture and Urban Culture, UCL

    Iain Borden is Professor of Architecture and Urban Culture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, where he is also Vice-Dean Education for The Bartlett Faculty of the Built E... Read more

  • Gershon Borlai

    Gershon Borlai is a certified fitness coach and lead surf instructor at boostyoursurf.com. After playing professional water polo and earn... Read more