• Larissa Bodniowycz

    Attorney/Surf and Outdoor Enthusiast

    Larissa is a California based attorney with an addiction to new experiences and activities, especially if they're outside. She's completed a marathon and a host of other races inc... Read more

  • Dave Boehne

    Surfer, Shaper, Lifestylist

    Dave is a lover of all surf craft and a modern day 'water' 'man'. Forging ahead with a creative mind on his shoulders – every day for Dave begins with the daunting challenge of s... Read more

  • Donald Boesch

    Professor of Marine Science, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

    In addition to original research and graduate education, I have long experience in academic research administration, most recently as President of the University of Maryland Center... Read more

  • Tanya Boggs

    Surfer/Co-Founder, Two Feet and Classy Productions

    Tanya Boggs, co-founder of Two Feet and Classy Productions, has been an artist her entire life. After years of training as a modern dancer, she discovered her love of photography a... Read more

  • Claudia Boily


    I've found that life is a constant state of change, full of new experiences and people. Part of the excitement is not only firsthand encounters, but being able to capture, relive a... Read more

  • Rui Boino


    My father was a professional photographer and at early age I started to develop an interest to capture images too. Simultaneously, at age of 15 I started to do bodyboard, then late... Read more

  • Sam Bold


    Ever tried threading a needle through that tiny bloody hole? Pretty frustrating hey? Well, that’s not half as bad as watching me surf. So, as my dreams of being pro are continual... Read more

  • Ian Bolliger


    Ian Bolliger is a former ski racer turned amateur ski mountaineer from Seattle, WA. He is a two-time AAC Live Your Dream grant recipient and winner of Sidetracked Magazine’s Read more

  • Matt Bonham


    Matt Bonham is a writer, photographer and wanderlust extraordinaire based in Roanoke, Virginia, where he plans then procrastinates moving to Southern California every other day. Ri... Read more

  • Bastien Bonnarme


    Born and raised on the Atlantic Coast of Southwest France, Bastien Bonnarme has been drawn to the ocean from a very early age. An enthusiastic surfer, lifeguard and bodysurfer, Bas... Read more