• Vivienne Westbrook

    Honorary Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Oceans Institute, University of Western Australia

    Viv Westbrook is a cultural historian, an Honorary Adjunct Professor in Human Sciences and English and Cultural Studies, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Oceans Institute, the U... Read more

  • Mark Wetzler

    Mark Wetzler splits his time between the Pacific Northwest and Latin America. His work has appeared on Roads and Kingdoms, the Matador Network, and The Stranger.... Read more

  • Tamie Wexler


    Tamie is a rookie surfer who maintains a love affair with nature. When she is not spending her time in the sea or the mountains, she is writing articles and making films. Tamie bel... Read more

  • Barb Whatley

    Barb Whatley is originally from Buffalo, NY, and the oldest of five kids. She attended SUNY at Buffalo for her BS and went to Clemson University in South Carolina for her MS. A r... Read more

  • Kevin Whilden

    Co-Founder, Sustainable Surf

    Kevin Whilden is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Surf, a non-profit that seeks to be the catalyst that transforms surf... Read more

  • Jim White

    Musician/Visual Artist/Dad

    The author began surfing at the age of twelve in the Pensacola, Florida.  He quit surfing regularly at the age of twenty six in Long Beach, New York.  From that point on he led... Read more

  • Nick White


    Nick is a 22-year-old photographer from Perth, Western Australia. Over the past four years his lifestyle and ambitions have led him all over the world in the hopes of capturing int... Read more

  • Sunde White


    Sunde started Sunde White Industries in 2009. She makes everything totally by hand, drawing, painting, cutting and gluing her images together piece by piece. Sunde gets her inspira... Read more

  • Phil White

    Phil White is the co-author of Unplugged (with Brian Mackenzie and Andy Galpin), Game Changer with Fergus Connolly. He lives in Evergreen, CO, and is a frequent contributor to SUP ... Read more

  • Jonathan White


    Jonathan White is the author of Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean. He is an active marine conservationist, a sailor, and a surfer. His first book, Talking on the Water... Read more

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