• Kathleen Willis-Morton

    Writer/Buddhist Chaplain/Single Mom Surfer

    Kathleen is the author of The Blue Poppy and the Mustard Seed; A Memoir of Loss and Hope, published by Wisdom Publications. She is the co-author Chicago's Gold Coast by Acadia Publ... Read more

  • Rhi Willmot

    PhD Researcher in Behavioural and Positive Psychology, Bangor University

    I have a keen interest in health and behaviour - currently I am studying for a PhD in Positive Psychology and Behaviour Change under Professor John Parkinson, with a specific focus... Read more

  • Scott Willoughby


    Scott Willoughby is the former outdoors editor for the Denver Post. He lives at the crux of Hardscrabble Mountain and Bellyache Ridge, on the edge of the White River National Fores... Read more

  • Icah Wilmot

    Pro Surfer/Jamaican Ambassador

    A four-time National Junior Champ and five-time National Open Champ, Icah Wilmot has dominated the Jamaican surf scene for the past decade. The ISA accredited judge and surf instru... Read more

  • Chippa Wilson

    Hailing from Cabarita Beach, Australia, 24-year-old Chippa Wilson went from swinging a hammer for his dad to becoming one of the best aerial surfers of his generation. With a skate... Read more

  • Mark Wilson

    Professor of Urban & Regional Planning, Michigan State University

    Mark Wilson is a professor of Urban & Regional Planning in the School of Planning, Design, and Construction at Michigan State University. His research and teaching interests ad... Read more

  • Rick Wilson

    Coastal Management Coordinator, Surfrider Foundation

    Rick Wilson is Coastal Management Coordinator for Surfrider Foundation. He has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University and a Masters degree in Business Admin... Read more

  • Olivia Kaya Wilson

    Olivia Wilson is a writer, scientist and surfer who lives in Sydney, Australia.... Read more

  • Julian Wilson

    Professional Surfer

    In his younger years, Julian Wilson was on the cover of teen dream magazines. Now he's on the cover of the world's best surfing magazines. And it isn't a surprise. Jules grew up in... Read more

  • Mark Wilson


    Mark is a photographic artist and lifelong surfer and is finally grabbing his camera more than his board these days. He is constantly looking to get out of town and see what he can... Read more