• James Young

    ... Read more

  • Gary Young

    Traveler / Surfer

    My name is Gary Young currently on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Aus. I arrived here with my wife two years ago after driving from England. We passed through nineteen countries... Read more

  • Tom Young


    Tom has been fortunate enough to live by the coast most of his life. Growing up in Cornwall, a small county in the South of England, has give him the opportunity to experiment with... Read more

  • Maggie Yount

    Freelance Writer/Photographer

    Maggie Yount is a Canadian who now calls San Diego home. Compared to many, she came late to surfing but growing up near the ocean made it a natural fit. She's a former Surfer Ma... Read more

  • Dusty Youree

    Guitarist, PUSHMETHOD

    More than just a band, PUSHMETHOD considers themselves a crew, a band of brothers. Fusing together essences of eclectic musical influences such as The Beatles, The Notorious B.I.G.... Read more

  • Ali Zahiri


    Ali Zahiri studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Arizona State University. He's called Santa Monica his home for several years where he has authored several publicati... Read more

  • Amir Zakeri


    Amir is a 19 year old self taught videographer/editor and loves shooting extreme sports and nature. Born and raised in Kansas, he's now living his dream in Hawaii showing his audie... Read more

  • Robert Zaleski

    Photographer/Creative Director

    Robert Zaleski is a photographer and creative director based in southern California. Over the past 15 years he has worked in many creative fields producing work for a diverse list ... Read more

  • Lior Zamir

    Senior Editor, Israeli Surfing Association

    As most Israeli’s, Lior is a hi-tech guy during day to day routine, but surfing is the thing that connects him to what’s real. He believes in surfing culture as the proper way ... Read more

  • Carla Zamora


    Carla is a Southern California native and longtime frequenter of First Point, Malibu. Growing up in a family of surfers provided her many hours of sand castle building and shore br... Read more

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