• Dean Welshman

    Art Director/Longboarder

    Dean Welshman is an art director and longboarder who lives on Rhode Island’s South Shore. He also did not have the finances for a quiver while at RISD, but did have enough for an... Read more

  • Kevin Welti

    The Inertia Video Intern

    Native to Southern California, Kevin Welti's work is directly inspired by his passion for travel and the outdoors. At 23 years old, Kevin wants his photography and film to motivate... Read more

  • Morten Wendelbo

    Lecturer, Bush School of Government and Public Service

    Wendelbo is a development researcher specializing in complex emergency preparedness and response. He has experience working with inter-governmental institutions, as well as country... Read more

  • Yana Wengel

    Associate professor in Tourism and Geography, Hainan University

    I am a Researcher in the field of critical tourism currently working as a faculty at the new international joint tourism college in Hainan. My interests include volunteer tourism, ... Read more

  • Mark Wengler


    Age: 54 Single and loving it Location: Copenhagen, Denmark. Used to be a very passionated windsurfer but had a violent traffic accident some years ago, which damaged his ... Read more

  • Bradley Wentzel


    Bradley Wentzel has been a freelance photographer for almost nine years. He currently lives in San Diego, CA with his wife, Kristen. He started his career off by having the amazing... Read more

  • Kimi Werner

    Professional Freediver, Artist, Chef

    The ocean has long been a source of sustenance, inspiration, and adventure for Kimi Werner. As a young child growing up off the grid in an isolated part of coastal Maui, she floate... Read more

  • Pete Wernicke


    I'm an easy going, fun and above all, passionate guy. My greatest passions lie in family, friends, conservation, water sports, health and fitness, leadership and of course, bloggin... Read more

  • Dave West

    Catalyst/Creator/Conspirator @CTRL V

    Dave West is a newly sprung chicken when it comes to the free range of creative expression. Putting the bull into artist, Dave has a self-effacing style, and lends irony to the sub... Read more

  • Vivienne Westbrook

    Honorary Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Oceans Institute, University of Western Australia

    Viv Westbrook is a cultural historian, an Honorary Adjunct Professor in Human Sciences and English and Cultural Studies, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Oceans Institute, the U... Read more