• Frank Zhu


    Frank is a 39-year-old Chinese Australian from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Here, he currently resides with his lovely daughter and French Canadian/former pro surfer/current pro... Read more

  • Thomas Zielinski

    Founder of GET WET SOON

    Thomas Zielinski is currently working as a freelance copywriter, yoga instructor, and surf teacher, based in Hamburg. His writing and photography for the blogzine Read more

  • David Zimmerman

    Senior Product Manager

    David Zimmerman is a Senior Product Manager at BCG Digital Ventures. He grew up snowboarding Mt. Hood Shreadows and surfing the frigid Oregon Coast. After graduating business schoo... Read more

  • Chris Zimmerman


    Chris Zimmerman is a writer and outdoor enthusiasts, who has worked for brands like Spacecraft and Burton. He currently works for Puget Sounds Creative, an action sports digital cr... Read more

  • Christoph Zingelmann

    Managing Director, HHonolulu Events / Island Collective

    Parallel to studies in media science and business, Zingel founded, in 2005 with his buddy Florian Laudon, the event agency HHonolulu Events. After finishing university and putting ... Read more

  • Kevin Zinger

    Surfer/Co-Owner and C.E.O., SRH Productions and Suburban Noize Records

    Kevin Zinger has been involved in the surf industry for 30 years. From being a sponsored amateur in his teens, Zinger realized he really wasn’t that good and back then people did... Read more

  • Jake Zlotnick


    Jake Zlotnick grew up working and surfing in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He started shooting in-water photography for Stacey’s Surf Camp in Margate, New Jersey. It didn’t take l... Read more

  • Miklos Zoltan


    Miklos Zoltan lives in Somerville, MA, and surfs the New England coastline.... Read more

  • Lucas Zuch

    Director, Surf Network Surfari

    After spending a year abroad, on Australia's vast coastline, Lucas returned home to southern Brazil to get his degree in Marketing Administration. In 2011 Lucas and a friend brough... Read more

  • Daniel Zweier

    Outdoor Editor and Writer

    Daniel Zweier is an outdoor editor and writer based in Ventura, California. He enjoys green tea, dawn surf, and writing mythical, magical, and surrealistic fiction. View more of hi... Read more