• Bo Bridges


    Bo Bridges is a professional sports and lifestyle photographer whose long list of athletes and A-List celebrities has distinguished him as the sector's premier hire for any project... Read more

  • Stephanie Brisebois

    Surfer/Coach/Adventure Therapist/Propagator of Good Times

    Born in the snowy mountains of Canada’s West Coast, Stephanie sunk her teeth into everything that was playful before she could say two words. From mountain biking and snowboardin... Read more

  • Jamie Brisick


    Jamie Brisick has written two books: We Approach Our Martinis With Such High Expectations (Consafos Press, 2002) and Have Board, Will Travel: The Definitive History of Su... Read more

  • Easkey Britton

    Big Wave Surfer/PhD

    Dr. Easkey Britton, an honorary research fellow in Sport and Leisure Studies at the University of Waikato, NZ. She is best known as a big-wave surfer from Ireland, with a PhD in En... Read more

  • John Brodie


    John travels the world living, loving & learning as a freelance writer, photographer and creative brand agent. The Northern California native has a knack for booking one-way t... Read more

  • Denis Brodschii


    Denis is a surfer, explorer and an aspiring filmmaker from Perth, Western Australia. He is passionate about nature, sun and the sea and hopes to capture the beauty of Australia’s... Read more

  • Sean Brody


    Sean Brody was born and raised in San Diego, California where he grew up surfing the beaches of La Jolla. Longing for worldly experience and more exotic surf destination, he hit th... Read more

  • Mike Bromley


    Mike Bromley is a Nova Scotian based surf and lifestyle photographer, filmmaker and writer whose work has been featured in prominent surf publications and events such as Eastern Su... Read more

  • Cameron Brooks


    Cam Brooks is a filmmaker and musician from Delray Beach, Florida. After rising through the fashion industry for 10 years as a graphic designer, art director, and videographer, he ... Read more

  • Rich Brooks

    Naval Officer/Surfer/Photographer

    Rich Brooks grew up in Amityville, NY, a small town on the south shore of Long Island. He has been surfing for about 12 years, and has gotten into photography in recent months. He ... Read more