• Corban Campbell

    Marketing & Surf Team Manager for Vissla

    Corban Campbell is the Marketing & Surf Team Manager for Vissla.... Read more

  • Luiza Campos


    Luiza Campos is a hybrid of sorts. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she migrated to the wonderful city of Los Angeles at the age of seven. Her mind is constantly split between Portu... Read more

  • Paulo Canas

    Human Development Coach, Surfer and Social Entrepreneur

    Paulo Canas was born in 1979 in Lisbon, Portugal. As a Entrepreneur and Human Development Coach, his goal is to empower people in various organizations to improve performance in wo... Read more

  • Sophia Cancelmo

    Sophia is a student at the beautiful, beachfront University of California, Santa Barbara. She is passionate about her part in environmental conservation, her collection of longboar... Read more

  • Neko Cantazaro

    Public Relations Director/Social Media Strategist

    Neko grew up in Rhode Island, a stones throw from the ocean, but has been landlocked for the past few years due to work. Though she has traveled throughout the world, and has lived... Read more

  • Miguel Caparica


    My name's Miguel Caparica. I was born in Lisbon in 1967. I've always lived by the sea and I started surfing when i was 12. From 18 to 42 years old, I lived in Switzerland and that ... Read more

  • Ernest Capbert

    Cold Water Surfer

    Ernest Capbert was one of the first to join and build the Finisterre brand, a company committed to designing innovative product for cold water surfers around the world, for nearly ... Read more

  • Mike Caputo


    Mike Caputo is miracle ingredient Z-247. He is immense. He is a real, slam-bang, honest-to-goodness, three-fisted humdinger. He is a bona fide supra man living in Hilo, Hawaii.... Read more

  • Daniela Caram


    Born in Mazatlan, Mexico. Nomad life, searching for empty spots and undiscovered landscapes. Photography has been her way to express what the body feels. Oceanlover and soultravele... Read more

  • Joe Carberry

    Senior Editor

    Joe Carberry is The Inertia's senior managing editor. He's written about ocean and mountain sports his entire career. From New Zealand hut skiing to Himalayan river-running and Men... Read more