• Andy Carter


    Andy Carter is 6’9”, his shoes are size 16, and he's the Dikembe Mutombo of surfing. Frankly, playing professional basketball might have been easier. Being one of the world’s... Read more

  • Joseph Carter


    Joe Carter is a documentary filmmaker and photographer living in Maine, capturing light and life. He chases early morning sunrises, surf, snow, and his 3 young daughters. To Joe, h... Read more

  • Jon Carter


    I'm an Outer Banks, NC based photographer. I grew up on the Outer Banks and moved out to Oahu, Hawaii 10 years ago. My passion for photography really grew living out there and was ... Read more

  • Mark Carter


    Growing up on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, Mark Carter has been snowboarding for over 20 years. In 2008, he took second at Quiksilver Natural Selection: All Mountain Invitational at ... Read more

  • Andre Carvalho


    ANDRÉ CARVALHO was born in Lisbon in 1976. Ever since, photography has been present in his life, which in one way or another, influenced the way he looks at things. In 1995 he enr... Read more

  • Elise Carver

    My name is Elise Carver (also know simply as Carver!), I am the owner and sole Surf Style Trainer for Little Bantam Health... Read more

  • Abi Carver

    Founder, Yoga 15

    Abi Carver specializes in designing yoga routines for action sports athletes, to bulletproof their bodies and optimize their minds. She’s on a mission to take this ancient discip... Read more

  • Sophia Casanova

    PhD Candidate - Mining Engineering, UNSW

    ... Read more

  • Nathan Case

    Senior Research Associate in Space and Planetary Physics, Lancaster University

    Dr Nathan Case is a space physicist whose research involves looking at how the Earth and its magnetic shield, known as the magnetosphere, are affected by the Sun – specifically b... Read more

  • Shawn Casey


    ... Read more