• Alberto Carmagnani


    Alberto Carmagnani is a freelance photographer based in Genoa. As you probably know, Italy is not one of the best surf meccas in the world as Mediterranean Sea swells are infrequen... Read more

  • Shane Carpenter

    PT/DPT/CMT/SFMA-/Founder, Surfer’s Edge Physical Therapy

    As a healthcare provider, Shane Carpenter is committed to helping people stay in the water surfing throughout one’s lifespan. Realizing that surfing provides tremendous physiolog... Read more

  • Dan Carr


    Born in the United Kingdom , Dan Carr took a year out in Whistler, British Columbia after high-school which planted the seed for a mountain obsession. While his passion for mountai... Read more

  • Pierre Carreau

    Over the years of being in close contact with water, I have noticed a certain intimacy set in. Unfortunately, after a plane accident, I can't really surf anymore. My goal as a phot... Read more

  • António Carreira


    I'm a photographer from Nazaré, Portugal. My favorite thing about photography is to taking photos of perfect empty line-ups, and of course going into the water where all the actio... Read more

  • Genesse Carrillo


    Genesse is a writer and screenwriter based in Venice, CA. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a B.A. in English and Screenwriting, she worked for various produce... Read more

  • Nick Carroll


    Nick is a lifelong surfer who has been deeply involved in the sport at all levels for over 35 years. He has been writing about and observing the sport for most of that time, having... Read more

  • Tom Carroll

    2x World Champion

    The word legend doesn’t even begin to do Tom Carroll justice. TC has won world titles. He’s won a battle with addiction. He invented then re-invented then re-re-invented power ... Read more

  • Myles Carroll


    Myles Carroll is 17 and lives about 20 minutes away from Yallingup, WA. He's still in school, and trying to make a career in the surf film industry on the side. Finding time to fil... Read more

  • Chelsea Carroll

    Nutritionist/Founder, BeachyEats

    Chelsea was born and raised in Huntington and Newport Beach. She has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Administration and is pursuing a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist ... Read more