• Lee Clay

    Lee Clay is a lifelong surfer, father, husband, and artist. His interests include woodworking, environmental conservation, social justice, and mindfulness. He also works as a Finan... Read more

  • Alex Cleland

    Surfer / Hang Glider / Photographer

    After a sea change to the Victorian coastal town of Lorne in 2006, Alex quickly developed a deep affection for the ocean and surfing. Employment at the Lorne Surf Shop gave him the... Read more

  • Talon Clemow


    I'm a surfer that has grown up on the Gold Coast in Australia. After seven years working overseas, I moved back home in 2005 and still live here today. I'm a Christian, I'm married... Read more

  • Nick Clewer

    Founder / Director Elusive

    Nick is the founder & director of Elusive a UK based independent clothing & lifestyle brand with it’s roots firmly embedded in surfing & 1% For The Planet members sin... Read more

  • Brian Clifford


    Growing up in California it is hard not to pick up a camera and capture its beauty. The first time I shot surfing I was hooked. The ability that these men and women have to navig... Read more

  • Emma Clifton

    PhD student, University of Cambridge

    I am a Medical Sciences PhD student at the MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge University, where I am supported by a 3+1 studentship from the Medical Research Council.I am interested ... Read more

  • Hannah Cloke

    Professor of Hydrology, University of Reading

    Hannah Cloke is a hydrologist and physical geographer specializing in land surface modeling, flood forecasting, applications of Numerical Weather Predictions and catchment hydrolog... Read more

  • Tyla Clough


    I'm 14 years old and passionate about photography. I'm just cruising along, having the time of my life. Honestly, I have no idea what's going to happen in the next couple of years,... Read more

  • Guillaume Coche


    Guillaume Coche is a 23-year-old photographer from Quimper, Britanny in northwestern France. He began taking photos shortly after a horrible back injury, which inhibited him from s... Read more

  • Justin Coffey

    Co-Creator of WESTx1000/Social Media Manager/Surfer

    Justin W. Coffey is the Co-Creator of WESTx1000, a multimedia company creating unique editorial and photographic content for the adventure ... Read more