• Jim Cook


    Jim Cook is a New York based photographer. Drawn to nature and weather, his photography focuses on capturing landscapes and beach culture. A surfer and snowboarder, Jim is drawn to... Read more

  • Callum Cook

    Born and raised in the South West of England and spending long summer days exploring small coastal towns in Devon and Cornwall, I’ve grown up admiring the ocean and what people c... Read more

  • Ted Cook


    Ted Cook is from Newport Beach, Ca. He surfs, enjoys tacos, and Someday, he hopes to go to Space.... Read more

  • Colin Cook

    Surfer/Shark Attack Survivor

    Born in Rhode Island, Colin moved to the North Shore of Oahu, where he was attacked by a 13-foot tiger shark in October of 2015. After losing his left leg above the knee, Colin has... Read more

  • John Cook

    Climate Communication Research Fellow, Global Change Institute, The University of Queensland

    John Cook is the Climate Communication Fellow for the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland. He also runs skepticalscience.com, a website that makes climate scien... Read more

  • Howie Cooke

    Co-Founder, Surfers For Cetaceans

    Howie Cooke is an artist, activist, and Co-Founder of Surfers For Cetaceans, a non-profit created to mobilize surfers and the surf media against whaling and dolphin kills. He has i... Read more

  • Bob Cooney

    Bob’s transition from city mouse to surf hippy took nearly 50 years. Growing up in the concrete jungles of NYC, he was drawn to the beaches of Rockaway to body surf and play on ... Read more

  • Shane Cooney


    Shane Cooney is a San Francisco Bay Area Native. He began talking at just 8 months old, and has been telling stories ever since. Now pursuing degrees in English and Film at Santa M... Read more

  • 05320 COOP

    La Grave Locals

    Group consisting of: snowboarder Jean-Louis St-Arneault from Montreal, Canada; mountain guide Joe Vallone from New York, United States; ski patroller Vincent Mikheeff from Marseil... Read more

  • Donald Cooper


    My passion for photography started as I was traveling throughout the world as I wanted to document my travels. Now it has become a way to express my creative side. My work has focu... Read more