• Cristina Costea

    Cristina is the Community Manager of BookSurfCamps.com, a themed surf website offering a vast collection of surf camps and vacations. She is also a passionate traveler, cat aficion... Read more

  • Megan Costello


    Megan Costello is a Brooklyn-based action and adventure photographer. Her favorite surf spots to shoot are the famed Banzai Pipeline and Rockaway Beach 90th- where she’s currentl... Read more

  • Mike Costello

    The Naughty Nomad

    Humanitarian, vegetarian, thespian, avid reader of books... Are all words that do not describe Mike Costello. But don't worry ladies and gentlemen, he puts his pants on just like y... Read more

  • Chris Coté

    Producer/ Writer/Consultant

    Chris Coté is a multi-media action sports personality. As a youngster, he surfed professionally, albeit at low, low professional level (c grade at best). Chris worked in the surf ... Read more

  • Bruce Cowan


    Bruce started surfing on boards with one fin and without a leash in the Huntington Beach area. He enjoys all forms of board surfing but one bright summer day, out of the blue he re... Read more

  • Robbie Cowan

    Policy Analyst

    I'm a kiwi guy fulfilling a life-long dream of living in New York City – a place that I've been besotted with since my youth. My writing is inspired by living in five different c... Read more

  • Hayden Cox

    Founder, Haydenshapes Surfboards

    Hayden Cox is the founder of Australian brand Haydenshapes Surfboards and the creator of FutureFlex Surfboard technology. After snapping his favourite board at age 15 and not havin... Read more

  • Ryan Craig


    For 28 year old Santa Cruz native Ryan Craig, photography is an absolute passion. He enjoys the learning curve, and the different ways he can choose to frame things even when the ... Read more

  • Caitlin Creeper


    Caitlin is an Australian journalist currently living in El Salvador.... Read more

  • Toby Cregan


    I'm 22 years old I reside in Byron Bay I am a film maker and everything is good? Sorry man, I suck at writing.... Read more