• 05320 COOP

    La Grave Locals

    Group consisting of: snowboarder Jean-Louis St-Arneault from Montreal, Canada; mountain guide Joe Vallone from New York, United States; ski patroller Vincent Mikheeff from Marseil... Read more

  • Donald Cooper


    My passion for photography started as I was traveling throughout the world as I wanted to document my travels. Now it has become a way to express my creative side. My work has focu... Read more

  • Devon Cooper

    Photographer / Videographer

    I started surfing and skateboarding when I was around eight years old. Just about five years ago, I followed a passion for photography/ videography and ever since, I have been out ... Read more

  • Mike Coots


    I was fortunate to be raised on the white sand beaches of Kaua'i. Shortly after High School, I lost my leg to a large Tiger Shark. It was a blessing, though, as it brought me to ph... Read more

  • Jerome Cordoba

    Free Surfer

    Jerome is a French longboarder, free surfer and pioneer of the Bordeaux Surf Festival.... Read more

  • Liz Core

    Editorial Assistant, Grist.org

    Liz Core is an Editorial Assistant for Grist.org, "a source of intelligent, irreverent environmental news and commentary that’s been around since ... Read more

  • Tony Corley

    Founder, Black Surfing Association

    Tony Corley is the Founder of the Black Surfing Association, an organization he started in 1975. Corley was compelled and focused with the desire to find, meet, and befriend Black ... Read more

  • Jeb Corliss

    Wing-suit Pilot

    Jeb Corliss has over 16 years of experience with over 3000 BASE jumps, in 20 countries on 6 continents and over 15 years of wing-suit flying experience with over 2000 wing-suit fli... Read more

  • Adam Cornick


    Adam moved across the Atlantic from Cornwall in the UK to Nova Scotia, Canada's Atlantic in 2008. The new coastline has been a constant draw for him and his camera since day one. W... Read more

  • Matt Corompt

    Mountain Biker/Content Creator

    Matt Corompt, born in ’89 and bred near Lyon (France). Growing up so close to the alps I was always going to be an extreme sports enthusiast (most notably MTB, Ski & BMX). I ... Read more