• Kenji Croman


    Kenji Croman was born in Hawaii. He was uprooted at a young age and has grown to reflect upon his life visually through images from photographs. Kenji quickly discovered his passio... Read more

  • Thomas Cronin

    Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    We study the visual physiology of invertebrates, especially of marine and estuarine crustaceans. Most of my recent work has been with the mantis shrimps, or stomatopods, a unique g... Read more

  • Sean Crowell

    Research Scientist, University of Oklahoma

    I am a co-investigator for the GeoCarb mission, which was recently selected by NASA under the Earth Venture Mission program. I have a doctoral degree from the Department of Mathem... Read more

  • Benny Crum


    I'm blessed that I am able to call Outer Banks my home. I didn’t start surfing until I was in High School. When the waves were good, I would skip class to play in the ocean. I ... Read more

  • Tyler Cuddy


    Too much of the world doesn’t make sense to me. People. Relationships. The government...All these things are just baffling to me. It wasn’t until I picked up a camera and had a... Read more

  • Jim Culley


    Photography sucker-punched Jim, reminding him of the first time he rode a surfboard across a wave. The search for perfection consumes and can’t be fulfilled. The perfect wave or ... Read more

  • Joe Cummings


    I am professional photographer and filmmaker at www.driveonmedia.com. I grew up in Western Montana and have taught myself over the years of being an fishing outfitter/photographer... Read more

  • Steve Cummings

    I'm a San Diego native that has a love for the ocean. I spent 15 years in aviation (Pilot, Airport Management), and decided to follow a neglected passion of mine, film making. I ... Read more

  • Andy Cummins

    Surfer/Activist/SAS Campaign Director

    Andy has been surfing for 20 years and became an activist after witnessing the abuse the seas and oceans around the UK were being subjected to. After university Andy joined Surfers... Read more

  • Jane Cunneen

    Research Fellow, Curtin University

    Jane is a structural geologist and has worked in both the petroleum and minerals exploration industries, as well as spending seven years with the United Nations helping to develop ... Read more