• Brett Allen

    Brett Lyall grew up in the Northeast of the United States where his love and respect for the ocean was cultivated. He moved to San Diego, California for school and has been living ... Read more

  • Matt Allen


    Matthew Allen is an artist from Southern California. The former Surfer Magazine Art Director now spends much of his time illustrating type for big wig clients like Ford, Crate &... Read more

  • Nick Allen


    Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I photograph waves from the water. I’m continually fascinated by the behavior of light as it passes through different parts of a wave. For ... Read more

  • Rikki Alley

    Surfer/Marine Biology Student

    Rikki was born and raised primarily in the South Bay. Having spent her childhood years at her mother’s art galleries and her father’s farm, Rikki began creating art inspired by... Read more

  • Paige Alms

    Big Wave Surfer

    Paige Alms is from Maui, HI. At 26 years old, she's regarded as one of the best big-wave female surfers in the world. Paige continues to live her dream, traveling the world in sear... Read more

  • Jeff Alper

    Writer/Comedian/Photographer/ Video Editor

    Jeff Alper is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor's Degree in Film Production. A fourth generation Californian and native of Los Angeles, specifically Agoura Hills, Jeff i... Read more

  • Hilton Alves


    Artist and waterman Hilton Alves has long been a lover of the sea and water sports. Born in 1980 and raised in Guaruja, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Hilton began painting professionally i... Read more

  • Francisco Alves


    I am from Portugal, I am 21 years old, and I live in Lisbon. Riding for Ripcurl.... Read more

  • Lucas Alves

    Surf Journalist

    Lucas Alves is a surf journalist from Brazil’s website Waves. He's also a contributor for Fluir Magazine. You can follow him on Read more

  • Digo Amazonas

    Musician / Producer

    Musician and producer from São Paulo, Brazil.... Read more