• Jeff Davis


    I was born and raised in North Long Beach California. For as long as I can remember, I have been completely in love with the ocean and everything about it. I’ve always been drawn... Read more

  • Mike Davis

    I was born in Iowa in 1947 and very nearly exited this realm very shortly afterward. My early childhood was spent in bed surrounded by books and National Graphic Magazines, listeni... Read more

  • Liz Davison

    Surfer/Traveler/Writer/ Editor: Sunshine Surf Girls

    After growing up in a Queensland country town, Liz discovered surfing while at university. She has run surf camps for girls, taught yoga for surfers, worked as a surf coach in Noos... Read more

  • Luke Dawson


    Luke Cameron Dawson is an Orange County-based photographer whose photographic interests are driven by traveling and surfing. To Luke, surfing and traveling go hand in hand. They w... Read more

  • Leah Dawson

    Surfer/Musician/Optimist/Nuturer of Nature

    As an optimist, passionate filmmaker, writer, and musician, Leah Dawson derives her passion in life from her love for surfing and her relationship with the ocean. She focuses on cr... Read more

  • Ben Dawson-Ryan


    I have passion for conservation and protecting the earth. And like most surfers, I want to see the oceans and coastlines conserved for generations to come. Through my writing, I wa... Read more

  • Dave Day


    Day lives in Rochester, NY and tolerates (barely) his home break on often frigid Lake Ontario, though he prefers Rye Beach, NH and Cocoa Beach,Florida. He is the author most recent... Read more

  • Katie Day

    Staff Scientist, Surfrider Foundation

    As Surfrider’s environmental scientist, Katie Day helps to ensure that local, regional, and national campaigns are grounded in and supported by the most recent and accurate scien... Read more

  • Keahi de Aboitiz

    3-Time Kite Surfing World Champion

    Keahi de Aboitiz is a professional waterman that isn’t afraid to change it up and ride all sorts of different crafts on the water. With 3 kitesurfing world titles to his name alr... Read more

  • Yannick De Buf


    Yannick is a surfer and traveler from Belgium. He has been surfing for about 10 years and teaching for 6 years. During the summer, he works at an O'Neill surf camp in Zarautz, Spai... Read more