• Nuno Dias

    I began to photograph at the age of 12, on the beach of Carcavelos. At the time, my was bodyboarding and I would go with him, staying on the beach to take pictures.... Read more

  • Michael DiCarlo


    A born and raised New Jersey native, Mike DiCarlo embraces all of the elements the garden state has to offer. He belches out Springsteen when given the chance, eats way too much pi... Read more

  • Alex Dick-Read


    Alex Dick-Read co-edited the Stormrider Surf Stories Indonesia with Bruce Sutherland for Low Pressure publishing. After 17 years as Founding Editor of The Surfer's Path magazine, A... Read more

  • Scott Dickerson


    A guilty conscious has driven Scott Dickerson to sharing some of the beauty he's experienced over the years of living and pioneering surf in Alaska. It just doesn't seem right that... Read more

  • Bryan Dickerson


    Bryan Dickerson has worked in surf media for the past 12 years in both print and digital. His background is the deadline-run world of daily and weekly newspapers. For the past few ... Read more

  • Graham Dickinson

    BASE Jumper

    Air sports and everything outdoors have been a passion of Graham Dickinson's since he was young. When he was 15, he remembers watching a video of Jeb Corliss's "A Year in the Life"... Read more

  • Kyveli Diener

    Professional Beach Bum, Journalist

    Santa Monica native and professional beach bum Kyveli Diener launched her journalism career while living on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, and her work has included general assignme... Read more

  • Daniel DiMauro

    Producer, Director, Editor, Surfer

    Danny DiMauro is a 36 year veteran surfer from the Northeast currently living in L.A. He is Editor at Large for Saturday’s Magazine, a surf and lifestyle magazine in NYC. He wrot... Read more

  • Yousong Ding

    Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Florida

    My research program primarily focuses on developing and synergistically combining diverse sets of approaches to discover and develop small molecules and biologics as new therapeu... Read more

  • Nate Dinger

    Nathan Dinger has been surfing for more than 20 years in North Florida, only taking pause for deployments throughout the United States and Afghanistan with the United States Army. ... Read more