• Bob Driver

    Writer/Surfer/BBQ'er Extraordinaire

    Sliding waves since age 12. Now in my mid forties, I look back and realize - the beach, ocean and surfing - have become my life's longest affair. My faith and family come first, bu... Read more

  • Octavia Drughi

    Octavia is a travel writer for BookSurfCamps.com. She is a passionate mountaineer, “fanatic” rock climber, and adventure addict who feels just as comfortable high on the rocks ... Read more

  • Rusty Drumm


    Russell Drumm was born in Syracuse, N.Y. on a snowy Feb. 8, 1947. He grew up in Levittown, Long Island, source of his rather black humor. After graduating from Colgate University, ... Read more

  • Russell Drumm


    Russell Drumm is a career newspaper man who lives in Montauk, N.Y. He was born in 1947, grew up on Long Island except for a few formative summers at Waikiki Beach in the early '60s... Read more

  • Joshua Duclos

    Joshua Duclos is a PhD candidate in philosophy at Boston University. He has a BA degree from Connecticut College and a MA from the University of Chicago. From 2008-2009 he was a Fu... Read more

  • Dave Duffin

    Movie maker / editor / writer

    Dave Duffin loves to film with his trusty DSLR, edit, take photos, write, make web pages, and run events. Outside of multimedia, Dave is a keen surfer who lives in Auckland surfing... Read more

  • Sarah Duffy

    Lecturer, School of Business, Western Sydney University

    My PhD thesis studied the consequences of the commercialisation of a common pool resource (CPR) & the influence of power and politics on CPR management. I am interested in the ... Read more

  • Bobby Duffy

    Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute, King's College London

    Bobby Duffy is Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute at King's College London.... Read more

  • Adam Duffy


    I was born in Coffs Harbour, East coast of Australia, 1980. It’s a small town that most people bypass and is good for no crowds, usually just a few locals - a far cry from the me... Read more

  • Mikaela Duhs


    Mikaela Duhs was born and raised in San Diego, where she developed a love for surfing and the ocean at a young age. She currently resides in San Luis Obispo pursuing a degree in Jo... Read more