• Chris Anthony


    Chris Anthony is a Colorado native and longtime Vail resident. For a good portion of his life Chris competed at an international level and traveled as an athlete and on-screen per... Read more

  • Helen Anthony


    I spent my teens as an indie kid in a small town on the South Coast of England and only discovered surfing later in life. My first trip was to Wales. It was cold and raining and th... Read more

  • Hélio António

    Growing up so close to the beach definitely ignited my passion for waves and salt water. I truly believe that a perfect wave is nature's most beautiful form. Nowadays, I shoot most... Read more

  • Erik Antonson

    Erik is the founder and host of PaddleWoo.com Podcast and a partner in BlueZoneSUP.com. PaddleWoo is dedicated to paddle enhanced surfing, and our mission is to showcase the sport... Read more

  • Candice Appleby

    Professional Stand Up Paddle Boarder

    I am 27 years old and moved to Hawaii from San Clemente, California eight years ago. I began surfing at age nine and competing at age ten. Upon graduation from high school I was a... Read more

  • Jay Apt

    Professor, Tepper School of Business, Engineering and Public Policy and Co-Director, Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center, Carnegie Mellon University

    Jay Apt is Executive Director of the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business and the CMU Department of Engineering a... Read more

  • Alex Aragon


    I was born in Vegas, raised in Colorado, and grew up here in the California Bay Area. I enjoy capturing good light and good surfing. I see with my eyes then I grab my camera. I try... Read more

  • Breck Archer


    Breck Archer is a writer, surfer, and Marine Corps officer from Sea Cliff, New York. He graduated in 2007 from Duke University with a BA in history. He currently resides in Washi... Read more

  • Johannes Ariens

    I am a creator, builder and developer. I love recreating outside, protecting natural resources and free-market based solutions to complex problems. I have Dutch roots and grew up o... Read more

  • Mat Arney


    Mat Arney spent the greater part of his twenties drifting between world class surf spots, with a surfboard under one arm and a knackered old camera in the other hand. A self-procla... Read more