• Mahdi El Hanafi


    Mahdi El Hanafi is commercial and editorial photographer who happen to grew up in the north of Morocco, Graphic Design and Web Development & Photography was his passion since c... Read more

  • Adam El-Naggar

    Writer, Surf Photographer, Surf & SUP Instructor

    I’m a surf photographer shooting from the water in the North East of Scotland, based in Aberdeen (the only one as far as I know). I document the varied and stunning coastline of ... Read more

  • Lance Elhami


    Not much to say except I surf; I laugh; I dance and never turn down an invitation for a cup of tea with a pretty lady. I feel more at home a thousand miles away camping on some des... Read more

  • Philly Elisa

    Part Fitness Instructor, Part Dancer, Part Brains - Philly received a Journalism degree from NYU and studied Sex and Relationship Psychology at Columbia University and Pepperdine U... Read more

  • Dustin Ellison

    Photo Journalist

    Dustin Ellison is a professional photographer and photo journalist. Originally from San Diego, California, he currently resides in South India, where he and his wife help out at Ma... Read more

  • Seth Ellison

    EVP, President Europe at Levi Strauss and Co.

    As Executive Vice President and President, Europe, Seth Ellison is responsible for the company’s overall business strategy and operations across all brands and channels in the re... Read more

  • John Elsaesser


    John lives a mellow millenial life, and tries to surf and golf as much as possible when not working. An outdoor enthusiast you might find him shacked up in a tent, waddling out of... Read more

  • Suzanne Ely


    Suzanne writes for celebrity magazines, she's taught journalism and media studies courses at The New School University, is from Baltimore and lives in Santa Monica, CA. She also h... Read more

  • Adrian Emerton


    Adrian grew up on the Central Coast of New South Wals, Australia and developed an obsession with surfing at a young age. Around five years ago he quit his full-time job and took hi... Read more

  • Paul Emery

    Travel Writer

    I’m a British lad living in Boston, surfing the North East. I love dawn patrol and walking through snow to get to my break. I work for a Non-Profit, and I travel a lot. I’ve sp... Read more