• Clifton Evers


    Dr. Clifton Evers has been surfing for more than thirty years and has a habit of pacing the floor and twitching all night when a new winter swell is on its way. He is a surfer/writ... Read more

  • Greg Ewing


    Nurturing himself on a liquid diet of surfing since the age of 16 when he started surfing, Greg Ewing soon shifted his focus to behind the lens. Since then, he’s been transferrin... Read more

  • Adam Eyal

    Adam Eyal is a content crafter, covering a variety of extreme sports from paddleboarding to mountain climbing. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then ... Read more

  • Bradley Eyre

    Professor of Biogeochemistry, Director of the Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry, Southern Cross University

    I am a biogeochemist with diverse research interests, but mostly focused on the flow of carbon and nitrogen through coastal ecosystems. I work on the Global Change issues of nutrie... Read more

  • Chris Eyre-Walker

    Surf Photographer from Sydney - Australia

    chris@surflove.com.au... Read more

  • Evan Fa


    Think, Act + Be Free... Read more

  • Nora Lemoal/Benjamin Fabre

    Founders, Aloha Surf Journal

    We have imagined and created an ethico-artistic project called Aloha Surf Journal. The goal is to reconnect the art of surfing with its core values - Love, Share, Respect -. My gir... Read more

  • Jordan Fair


    Jordan is from Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. He loves surfing, art, photos, film, family, traveling, reading, writing, and, of course, his girlfriend. He attended the Universit... Read more

  • Luke Faithfull

    Filmmaker / Photographer

    Luke was born in New Plymouth New Zealand but relocated to Australia’s Sunshine Coast and spent the rest of his childhood in Coolum Beach. Growing up there, surfing has always be... Read more

  • Nathan Falk

    Co-Founder, Terasu

    Nathan Falk, a Co-Founder of Terasu, gets his thrill from searching gets his thrill from searching for waves at home in Norcal, backpacking, cli... Read more