• Alex Fatenko

    Photographer, NJ

    Alex is a 13-year-old photographer from New Jersey. He favors shooting in blizzards rather than the tropics. For more images, check him out on Instagram Read more

  • Olly Fawcett

    Born and raised in London, England, but now living in England’s surfing capital, Cornwall. Cinematography came to me after being a photographer for several years, and a surfer fo... Read more

  • Tim Feess

    Co-Founder, GNARBOX

    Tim Feess is a SoCal native who grew up skiing and riding in the Eastern Sierra. After a few years of nine to five cubicle work, he ditched the confines of the office for the great... Read more

  • Beth Fehr

    Elizabeth Shannon Fehr is an avid traveler and writer who loves the water, currently residing in Rhode Island. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from The Ohio State University and com... Read more

  • Kim Feldmann

    Writer / World Traveler

    Kim is a travel and surf writer who has spent most of his 20s living out of his backpack and working his way around the globe in search of awe-inspiring people and sights. From Gua... Read more

  • Vernon Felton

    Writer, Editor, Mountain Biker

    Vernon Felton is a former public policy wonk who has spent the past 18 years as an editor at Bike Magazine and, more recently, an editor at Pinkbike. Felton is also a frequent cont... Read more

  • Angela Ferendo

    Angela grew up in Rhode Island spending her summers on the ocean, both sailing and bodysurfing. Having a passion for sports, fitness and health, she graduated with a bachelors degr... Read more

  • Cole Ferguson


    Cole Ferguson is a 16-year-old surf and adventure photographer from Southern California. Living a close 2-minute walk from the beach, surf photography came natural to him. It all s... Read more

  • Katie Ferguson

    Communications Manager

    Katie Ferguson is the Communications Manager at the Surfrider Foundation.... Read more

  • Maria Fernanda

    Born and raised in Mexico City, she has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Management. She got into photography six years ago and soon after ... Read more