• Mary Flemming


    Mary Flemming is 24-years-old and has an extreme passion for the ocean. She grew up in the mountains of Colorado snowboarding and skateboarding, but at the age of 16 moved to Santa... Read more

  • Jeff Flindt


    Jeff Flindt has been Surfing Magazine's senior photographer for 8 years. He grew up in the center of the surf industry, southern California, where he learned the ropes from legends... Read more

  • Stuart W. Flint

    Senior Research Fellow in Public Health and Obesity, Leeds Beckett University

    Dr Stuart Flint is a psychologist with a specific interest in the psychosocial effects of obesity; in particular obesity stigmatisation and discrimination, conscious and unconsciou... Read more

  • Otto Flores

    From an early age I tried many sports, but the ocean was calling me. Raised in Puerto Rico, I was soon representing my country on international competitions and then on to the WQS... Read more

  • Helena Fogarty

    Founder, Mi Ola

    Founder and CEO of Mi Ola Incorporated, Helena Fogarty learned to surf and it changed her life. She soon realized that surfing is her true passion and decided to leave her life in ... Read more

  • Kalen Foley


    Kalen is a photographer from New Jersey. He got his first dslr camera at 17; a Canon 20D. Since then, Kalen has been traveling and shooting waves. According to Kalen, being able to... Read more

  • Kevin Fong

    Honorary Professor in Physiology, UCL

    evin Fong is Consultant Anaesthetist at UCL Hospitals, and is Anaesthetic Lead for both the Patient Emergency Reponse Team and Major Incident Planning. He is an Honorary Professor ... Read more

  • Delphine Foo-Matkin

    Co-Founder Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival

    Delphine quit her job and sold everything to travel and surf around the world for two years. Together with her husband, Michael, she lived and surfed in 15 different countries on 5... Read more

  • Dan Foote

    Founder/Programming Director, VERB TV

    Dan Foote is the founder and programming director at VERB TV. VERB runs surf programing in 2 Million homes all over Southern California on COX Cable affiliates and Time Warner in ... Read more

  • Andy Ford


    Somewhere along the line, I decided that it wasn’t enough to simply slide along these watery creations. I needed to document them. So began an infuriating quest for that magic 1-... Read more