• Camila Fernandez

    Business Owner/ Surfer

    Camila is a small business owner in San Francisco with family ties to Chile and New Zealand. She has lived in San Francisco for 17 years. Mother of two boys, Camila spends her free... Read more

  • Juan Fernandez


    Juan Fernandez (Gijón, Spain, 1978) first took up photography at the age of 15, and after only a few months, he had his first photograph published in a surfing magazine. Since t... Read more

  • Paul Ferraris


    ... Read more

  • Katie Ferraro


    Katie Ferraro is a writer and digital storyteller based in Los Angeles. She works for brands like the CrossFit Games and guides youth in the outdoors. Namely, she gives back while ... Read more

  • Pedro Ferraz


    Pedro Ferraz is a São Paulo, Brazil based surfer and entrepreneur. Inspired by surfing and the characters involved in the sport, he produces articles and short stories about the s... Read more

  • Luciano Ferreira

    After much planning, my partner and I dropped everything that bound us to Brazil and took on an ambitious plan. We sold almost everything we had and bought two tickets to Californi... Read more

  • Jim Ferrigno

    Founder, Resurrect Dead Surfboards

    Jim Ferrigno is a 28-year-old former snowboard photojournalist currently living in Maui, HI. Aside from taking photos and shooting video of surfing and snowboarding, Jim spends his... Read more

  • Dan Field

    Co-originator, Surfers for West Papua

    Dan lives is Brisbane, Australia. Though he lives in the city and surfs the fabled breaks of the Gold Coast whenever time and conditions allow, he feels most at home surfing empty ... Read more

  • Richard Fields


    Richard Fields was born on May 23, 1967 in Auckland, New Zealand. As the son of a diplomat he spent his childhood and youth in Lisbon (Portugal), Lima (Peru) and Munich (Germany). ... Read more

  • Jorge Figueira


    My name is Jorge Figueira. I am a 51-year-old photographer, and I was born in Espinho, Portugal. I like to travel with my camera always with me in order to capture the most signifi... Read more