• Trevor Gordon


    Trevor is a 25-year-old surfer, artist, photograph-taking sailor from Santa Barbara, California. He currently live on a 36’ Catalina sailboat with his girlfriend Maddie and trave... Read more

  • Dylan Gordon


    Based on the Central Coast of California, I am currently 20 years old, a college grad, and unemployed with passport in my pocket and ready to go. Broke but stoked. For me, photogra... Read more

  • Hayley Gordon


    Hayley Gordon currently resides in Encinitas, CA, and for the last few years has been making films following the antics of many female surfers and skateboarders.... Read more

  • Gabriel Gordon

    Chef/Restaurant Owner/Surfer

    After spending his teen years surfing the shark-infested waves of California's Sonoma Coast, Gabe returned to SoCal where he was born and discovered the marriage of science and art... Read more

  • Greg Gordon


    Greg Gordon is the owner of CR Surf Travel Company, helping surfers plan trips to Costa Rica. He has been a Surfrider Foundation volunteer activist since 1998 and led the Sebastian... Read more

  • Jack Gore


    I’m a photographer from the usually wave-deprived Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. I work as an event photographer, but my real love lies in shooting the fleeting and fi... Read more

  • Jeff Gorringe


    Jeff Gorringe, 35, is from Aotearoa, New Zealand. He's a former mechanic and farmer who's now trying to work less and play more. He's always driving somewhere as long as it's unnam... Read more

  • Garrett Gossett


    Garrett was born and raised in Southern California. As a surfer and adventurer, he does anything and everything to stay active in the ocean. To Garrett, there's a big world out th... Read more

  • Matt Gough

    Matt is from a small village on the south coast of England, but spends the majority of his time travelling the West coast of Europe and Morocco, chasing waves with his dog Rufio. H... Read more

  • Mike Gough

    ... Read more