• Kristen Franz

    Landscape Designer

    Kristen Franz is a landscape designer with a keen eye for possibilities, embodying a magnetic ocean energy. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, she grew up as an outdoor explorer wit... Read more

  • Are Frapwell

    Arénui Frapwell is a 14 year old photographer who is currently in the 9th grade and calls La Jolla, California home. He may be young for his age to have such a passion for photogr... Read more

  • Marco Fraschetti

    Ocean Lover/Photographer

    I grew up in Fremantle, Western Australia. Its beaches, offshore islands and many reefs are my water playground. The lure of the ocean is a powerful thing – I remember staring in... Read more

  • Joseph Frazer


    Joseph Frazer is a journalist, born and raised in San Diego, California. Growing up with the beach as one of his closest outlets, and the mountains and desert not much farther away... Read more

  • James Frazio


    When James was 12 years old he had a rare blood disease called Kawasaki's Disease. This disease attacks the heart with blood inflammation. After two months, the Doctors had given u... Read more

  • Danielle Frederick

    Ocean Enthusiast

    Danielle Frederick is a student at Union College with a life long admiration for surfing and respect for the ocean. Growing up a mile from the ocean, its power and mystery have for... Read more

  • Benjamin Freeman


    After being given a discounted wetsuit in 2009, Benjamin began claiming to be a semi-professional surfer. He still clings to this when putting words together in his other role as t... Read more

  • Rachel Freeman


    I wander and adventure a lot. I currently work in product marketing and am the creator and main contributor to The Zodiac Project. I ... Read more

  • John Freemuth

    Cecil D. Andrus Endowed Chair for Environment and Public Lands and University Distinguished Professor, Boise State University

    John Freemuth is a Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Executive Director of the Andrus Center for Public Policy. His primary interest is with the public lands of the Unit... Read more

  • Althair Freitas

    I am Brazilian native of Salvador, surfer, and lover of all radical sports. I work in the art and advertising industry.... Read more