• Rachel Fuller

    Writer/Surfer/Co-Director, Bams & Ted

    Rachel Fuller is a Sydney-based writer, Co-Director of Bams & Ted and is now a surfer. She enjoys writing, fashion and surfing. Follow her at Read more

  • Damian Fulton


    You won’t find any serene beach scenes in the paintings of Los Angeles artist Damian Fulton. His world, crammed with battling surfers and billowing smoke stacks, reflects his lon... Read more

  • Christa Funk

    In 2003, I was handed an SLR camera and was captured after my first shutter release. My love of the water began as soon as I could walk, which led to 15 years of competitive swimmi... Read more

  • Maya Gabeira

    Big Wave Surfer

    Maya Gabeira is one of the world's most well-known big wave surfers. The Brazilian is on almost every mega-swell around the planet, and has proven beyond a doubt the level of her c... Read more

  • Heather Gabel


    Heather Gabel is a fine artist, exhibiting internationally as well as a freelance graphic designer for lots of bands, including Alkaline Trio, Green Day, Rancid, and Joan Jett &... Read more

  • Sergi Galano

    FlamaSurf Manager

    I’m a pure blooded Mediterranean surfer who would have loved to get hooked on any other sport. Somehow, surfing seemed to fit perfectly with my creative instincts, just like musi... Read more

  • Ashley Gallagher


    I'm a bit of a beatnik and always a journalist. The sea is my soul and whether it's paddle boarding, trying to surf or running the beach, I'm connected and the Ocean is home. I've ... Read more

  • Ben Gallop


    I am an amateur surf photographer who lives, works, surfs and shoots on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. After working for a couple of years following college, I left a great job... Read more

  • Ryan Gallop

    Fitness and Performance Coach

    Ryan Gallop is the Performance Director and Coach at NAKOA Fitness and Physical Therapy in San Diego, California. He specializes in action sports and rugby training. Originally fr... Read more

  • Ryan Gambrell


    Ryan Gambrell is proud to say he is a San Diego native, surfer, photographer, national karate champion and triathlete. Like most people who love surfing, it means a lot of differen... Read more