• Brian Giebel

    A former college athlete and investment banking math geek, nutrition, fitness, performance and self -testing became obsession and necessity when Brian was diagnosed with a degenera... Read more

  • Eric Gietzen

    Freshwater Enthusiast/Surfer/Writer

    Eric Gietzen surfed his first wave on a cold November swell almost 30 years ago at Atwater Beach in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Since then, he has searched for perfect waves around the ... Read more

  • Xué Gil Guidonet


    One of the seven billion people in this world who just happens to have a camera in his hands, Xué is a Barcelona-born photographer living in San Sebastian. His passion for surfin... Read more

  • Lori Gilbert


    Lori Gilbert is an acrylic artist based out of Southern California. Her work is largely based on the complexity of water and light. Her affinity for the natural rhythms have made ... Read more

  • Kaleigh Gilchrist

    Professional Surfer and Water Polo Player

    Kaleigh Gilchrist, or Kales, is a 23 year old two sport professional athlete in surfing and water polo. She currently rides for O'Neill Women's and plays for the USA Women's Water ... Read more

  • Emma Gilchrist

    Emma Gilchrist is a full-time environmental journalist and part-time surfer based on Vancouver Island, Canada. Since taking up surfing three years ago, she's traveled to six countr... Read more

  • Jonathan Gilde

    Once an Angeleno, Jonathan now calls San Diego home and loves living in the land of beer, burritos, and shorebreaks. He and his wife got married in Hawaii and find any reason to ge... Read more

  • Dina Gilio-Whitaker

    Dina Gilio-Whitaker (Colville Confederated Tribes) is an independent writer and researcher in Indigenous studies, having earned a bachelor’s degree in Native American Studies and... Read more

  • Josh Gill


    I have always been the one to better express myself. Not through speaking, but more through some sort of artistic expression. The best thing about art is that no one can tell you w... Read more

  • Aaron Gillespie

    Surfer / Skier / Snowboarder / Writer

    Surfer. Skier. Snowboarder. Creative writer with a passion for all things outdoors. In constant search of adventure on a global scale.... Read more