• João Guedes

    Joao was a Portuguese national champion in 2009 and competed on the WQS circuit for 4 years when his competitive career was cut short from a lack of budget. He still competes today... Read more

  • Connor Guest

    Connor has been developing his love for videography by uncovering stories about people, places, and organizations all over the world. From remote island communities in Indonesia t... Read more

  • Alberto Guglielmi

    Director - Photographer

    Born in Rome, Alberto Guglielmi is a true adventurer. He spent his younger years driving a Vespa through cobblestone streets and grew up to become a professional windsurfer and sno... Read more

  • Alex Guiry


    I was raised in the suburbs of Toronto, but I should have been raised on the coast. There were only three things that kept me out of trouble as a youth; snowboarding, art, and the ... Read more

  • Emmanuel Guisset

    Founder, Outsite

    I'm a former digital nomad, avid surfer and occasional spearfisher. I set roots in California to create Outsite, a new concept of coworking-coliving in cool spots. Now I roam aroun... Read more

  • Sara Guix

    Cinematographer, Editor

    Sara Guix is a talented cinematographer and editor from Barcelona now living in New Zealand. She has the ability to capture raw action footage but is at her best when documenting t... Read more

  • Ben Gulliver

    Director of Photography

    Originally from Toronto Canada but spent most of my life growing up in the Cayman Islands. Everything started with skateboarding when it came to making movies but I was always obse... Read more

  • Penny Gunter

    Playwright/Surf Instructor

    Penny Gunter is a UK based playwright who moved to Tofino in April. She has a passion for boardsports and has spent the summer instructing at Surf Sister.... Read more

  • Adam Guy


    I was born on Oahu and moved to the North Shore of Kauai when I was two years old. We grew up in Haena and all surfed, fished, and made art. I started drawing around the age of 5, ... Read more

  • Grégoire Gyselinck


    Grégoire Gyselinck is 18 years old from France and born in Nantes – a city on the northwest of France – 100 kilometers from any beach. Since he was small, he has been captivat... Read more