• Ruben Gonzalez

    Professional Surfer

    Ruben Gonzalez is 36 years old and still competing in the National Contests, making some finals with the youngsters, and a few WQS events, just to stay updated on modern surfing. H... Read more

  • Woody Gooch


    At just nineteen years of age, Woody demonstrates a creative, innovative and a downright fresh style of photography. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, Woody has been able to make th... Read more

  • Dr. Eric Goodman

    Chief Imagineer, Foundation Training

    Dr. Eric Goodman helps people feel better. If he does his job well, they will then help a lot of other people feel better too. Surfing is among his greatest joys in life and he fee... Read more

  • Phil Goodrich


    Phil Goodrich, a Florida native now based in South Carolina, studied Studio Art at San Diego’s Point Loma Nazarene University. It was during this time that he first began using p... Read more

  • Trent Gordon

    Project WOO Executive Director

    Trent Gordon heads Project WOO's stateside efforts as Executive Director, USA. With his mind either in the ocean or on a mountain, he lives in San Francisco, CA.... Read more

  • Trevor Gordon


    Trevor is a 25-year-old surfer, artist, photograph-taking sailor from Santa Barbara, California. He currently live on a 36’ Catalina sailboat with his girlfriend Maddie and trave... Read more

  • Dylan Gordon


    Based on the Central Coast of California, I am currently 20 years old, a college grad, and unemployed with passport in my pocket and ready to go. Broke but stoked. For me, photogra... Read more

  • Hayley Gordon


    Hayley Gordon currently resides in Encinitas, CA, and for the last few years has been making films following the antics of many female surfers and skateboarders.... Read more

  • Gabriel Gordon

    Chef/Restaurant Owner/Surfer

    After spending his teen years surfing the shark-infested waves of California's Sonoma Coast, Gabe returned to SoCal where he was born and discovered the marriage of science and art... Read more

  • Greg Gordon


    Greg Gordon is the owner of CR Surf Travel Company, helping surfers plan trips to Costa Rica. His business is a 1% for the Planet member, donating funds to help protect sea turtles... Read more