• Balint Hambalko


    I am a cinematographer for more than 15 years now, based in Indonesia for the past three years. I am now creating a documentary series called LifePlan, sharing interesting people, ... Read more

  • Tim Hamby


    Tim Hamby is a third generation native of Florida, currently living in Ponte Vedra Beach. A creative hybrid and integrated marketing professional, Tim operated his own full-service... Read more

  • Laird Hamilton

    Professional Surfer

    Laird Hamilton is known as the guiding force behind crossover board sports, and is largely considered the primary influence behind many surfing and water innovations, including tow... Read more

  • Michael Hamilton


    Michael is a passionate surfer, traveler and entrepreneur. He first learned to surf in Long Island, NY, where he was an ocean lifeguard and a hurricane chaser. After years of trav... Read more

  • Daniel Hamlin

    Daniel Hamlin is the author of When Oceans Rise: Scriptural Truths To Anchor The Soul. He lives in Pismo Beach, CA where he's a freelance journalist and speaker.... Read more

  • Dan Hamlin

    Freelance Writer/Surfer

    Dan Hamlin is a freelance writer and surfer from the Central Coast of California. He has appeared in and written for surf publications both nationally and internationally. He love... Read more

  • Kaspar Hamminga

    Coming from a small village in the Netherlands, surfing was not the most logical option for Kaspar. Despite the lack of good waves and the stormy weather, Kaspar fell in love with ... Read more

  • Andrew Hamra

    Andrew Hamra is an inventor, surfer, and drummer. He has found stone to be the perfect medium for merging these passions into the creation of art. "I believe carving stone is th... Read more

  • Heather Handley

    Associate Professor in Volcanology and Geochemistry, Macquarie University

    Heather Handley obtained a 1st class BSc (Honours) in Geology from Edinburgh University in 2001 and then went on to undertake a PhD on the geochemistry of Indonesian volcanoes at D... Read more

  • Pete Hanes


    Pete Hanes is a proud redhead who enjoys getting rowdy in the woods.... Read more