• Soren Heil


    Soren Heil is first and foremost a surfer, with an immense love for the ocean and going really fast on pieces of foam. He is also a photographer, and filmmaker. Whether photographi... Read more

  • Greg Heine


    A few years ago, Greg moved down to the wave-starved Gulf Coast of Florida for work, but was born and raised in New York where he started surfing a little over 10 years ago. He got... Read more

  • Zac Heisey


    Zac is a freelance writer and amateur vagabond from California. As an avid surfer and traveler, he spends most of his time scouring the globe for new waves, new experiences, new fr... Read more

  • Tristan Helias

    Director / Actor

    French director and actor Tristan Helias directs and produces poetic short films about skateboarding and surf. Born and raised in Paris, Tristan usually finds inspiration by skatin... Read more

  • Seth Heller


    Seth is a climber, surfer and lover of the outdoors and a regular contributor to Rock and Ice magazine... Read more

  • Sophie Hellyer

    Surfer, Writer

    Sophie is a surfer, producer, writer & environmentalist living on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Previously an English and British Champion surfer, Sophie feels more at home in... Read more

  • David Helvarg

    Author/Executive Director, Blue Frontier Campaign

    David Helvarg is an author and Executive Director of Blue Frontier Campaign. David has written: Bue Frontier, The War Against the Greens, 50... Read more

  • Dual Hemisphere

    Photographer/Videograper, Dual Hemisphere Media

    Dual Hemisphere Media is the creative partnership of Oreon Strusinski and Ronald Weaver II. They specialize in capturing the momen... Read more

  • Mat Hemon


    I'm a French photographer based on south west France, near Biarritz and Hossegor. I try to work with a mix of digital and analogue pictures on as many difference subjects as I can... Read more

  • Eric Henderson

    Eric is a 21-year-old photographer who was born in Atlanta, Georgia. It wasn't until he moved to Oceanside, California that he began surfing. Inspired by guys like Chris Burkard, B... Read more