• McCall Henke

    Artist, Writer

    Raised a quarter cup mountains, a quarter cup beach, and a quarter cup city. Filling up that last quarter cup with art, the printed word, a degree in Art Direction, an interest in ... Read more

  • Elizabeth Henlein


    I was born and bred in Kentucky but learned to live in San Francisco and I have been living in the bay area for the past decade. I come from a long line of non-surfers so I learne... Read more

  • Ted Henry

    Professor of Environmental Toxicology, Heriot-Watt University

    Ted Henry is a Professor of Environmental Toxicology in the Centre for Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology; Institute of Life and Earth Sciences in the School of Energy, Geoscien... Read more

  • Alexis Henry

    Surfrider Communications Manager

    Alexis Henry works as the Communications Manager for The Surfrider Foundation. Henry earned her BA in Sociology from Occidental College where she was a member of the women's volley... Read more

  • Shelby Hensler

    Shelby has a decade of experience in the health & fitness industry. As a natural born athlete, her innate passion for movement and play is at the heart of her teaching. The Cal... Read more

  • Kurt Henson

    Director, Surfsister.com.au

    Kurt finished high school on the Northern Beaches of Sydney after being dragged around the globe by an itchy-footed Mother. A few years after completing an Electronics Trade Certif... Read more

  • Juan Hernandez

    The Inertia for Good Editor

    For years, Juan abstained from using the word bro. Now he's just making up for lost time. He doesn't trust anyone who wears booties in the summer and believes country music is ... Read more

  • Elmo Hernandez


    Elmo Hernández hails from Asturias, on Spain’s north coast. He started taking pictures with a compact camera, and as soon as he was able to save enough money, acquired a reflex ... Read more

  • Ben Herrgott


    Born at the bottom of the French Alps, bread far from the sea, and always loved having some kind of adventures in the mountains, forests, backcountry…Ben Hergott was diagnosed wi... Read more

  • Matt Hershberger


    Matt is a writer and blogger based in Washington, DC who has lived in London, Buenos Aires, and Beijing. His hobbies include profanity, Scotch consumption, and human rights activis... Read more