• Gage Hingeley


    Growing up in Southern California, Gage was fortunate to be so close to the ocean. Throughout his travels and experiences, he began to want to document his adventures and share the... Read more

  • Claudia Hirschberger

    Managing Gidget & Surf Coach

    Claudia is the owner of Venus Goes Gidget. Claudia founded Venus Goes Gidget to bring other ladies the joy she’s found in her passio... Read more

  • Coco Ho

    Professional Surfer

    When she was just seven years old, Coco Ho learned to surf in a spirited effort to impress her older brother. But while her family also includes surf legends Michael Ho (her dad) a... Read more

  • CJ Hobgood

    Professional Surfer/Father

    CJ Hobgood has been on the ASP world tour for over a decade. He is a father of three beautiful girls, and supports TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms), a non-profit dedicated to fin... Read more

  • Ruby Hodgetts

    I grew up in Tasmania and developed a love of traveling as a teenager. Since then I have been working and surfing all around the world. I’m currently in Patagonia and while there... Read more

  • Jake Hoefler

    Owner & Founder, Next Level Watersports

    Jake is a thoroughbred D1 athlete turned avid kiteboarder and coach from Hampstead, NH. Jake often tells the story of his first time kiteboarding with his dad when he was just twel... Read more

  • Lisa Hoehn

    Writer & Editor, The Active Times

    Lisa is an NYC-based writer and editor, doing her best to cover the outdoor world from a concrete city. Admittedly, she spends most of her time at the beach getting pummeled by the... Read more

  • Nicholas Hoermann


    Nick is a professional photographer out of O'ahu, Hawai'i. He specializes in commercial and licensing photography with an emphasis in, but NOT limited to ocean lifestyle and travel... Read more

  • Morgan Hoesterey

    Freelance Writer and Videographer

    Morgan is an ocean athlete and freelance writer/videographer. Hopelessly addicted to salt water, she spends her time doing everything from paddling the open ocean in Hawaii to isla... Read more

  • Matt Hoffman


    Matt Hoffman is a self taught, LA-based photographer who is simply in love with beach life. As a surfer, he is most excited about photographing waves and surf-related subjects. Mat... Read more