• Paul Hendricks

    Writer, Lover of Wild Places

    A Social and Environmental Responsibility Analyst at Patagonia since 2013, Paul Hendricks is a climber, skier, surfer and environmentalist... Read more

  • Tanner Hendrickson

    Professional Surfer

    Tanner Hendrickson is from Maui. He loves good food, good people, and girls.... Read more

  • Ian Hendy

    Senior Scientific Officer, Institute of Marine Sciences, University of Portsmouth

    I completed my undergraduate degree, BSc Marine Biology with Honours, and my PhD here at the University of Portsmouth. During my PhD, under the supervision of Professor Simon Cragg... Read more

  • Glenn Hening


    Glenn Hening’s got three teaching credentials and 23 years of classroom experience – and yet inside the world of surfing he has an extraordinary reputation for asking the hard ... Read more

  • McCall Henke

    Artist, Writer

    Raised a quarter cup mountains, a quarter cup beach, and a quarter cup city. Filling up that last quarter cup with art, the printed word, a degree in Art Direction, an interest in ... Read more

  • Elizabeth Henlein


    I was born and bred in Kentucky but learned to live in San Francisco and I have been living in the bay area for the past decade. I come from a long line of non-surfers so I learne... Read more

  • Ted Henry

    Professor of Environmental Toxicology, Heriot-Watt University

    Ted Henry is a Professor of Environmental Toxicology in the Centre for Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology; Institute of Life and Earth Sciences in the School of Energy, Geoscien... Read more

  • Alexis Henry

    Surfrider Communications Manager

    Alexis Henry works as the Communications Manager for The Surfrider Foundation. Henry earned her BA in Sociology from Occidental College where she was a member of the women's volley... Read more

  • Shelby Hensler

    Shelby has a decade of experience in the health & fitness industry. As a natural born athlete, her innate passion for movement and play is at the heart of her teaching. The Cal... Read more

  • Kurt Henson

    Director, Surfsister.com.au

    Kurt finished high school on the Northern Beaches of Sydney after being dragged around the globe by an itchy-footed Mother. A few years after completing an Electronics Trade Certif... Read more